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Super series results

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 31 March 2005, 8:58 AM  
I still like my idea - yes we would be rewarded by the ability to have four of our girls counting and two of our guys in a particular race if thats the way it panned out....

It would be just reward for having a strong team.

Show Profile  Martin Posted: 31 March 2005, 9:29 AM  
What older juniors, Chris?
There's currently one W20 in Central, and the M20s are almost as scarce.

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 31 March 2005, 10:12 AM  
I agree with Jamie. Firstly because I suggested it last year. Secondly it rewards a teams strengths...but still disadvantages a weekness. It would not only reward Southerly storm for its good depth in ladies, but also help stop huge gaps when team can't field enough of one sex (eg Central Magic 2004). Therefore it will bring the points closer (but still fair) making a better competition.

I don't agree with Chris's arguement that their third+ woman isn't worth anything. It doesn't take PHD student to work out that if Storm come 1st to 5th, central and Auckland can't get many points.

Don't listen to Greg and Brent, Jamie. No body else does.

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 1 April 2005, 1:40 AM  
NORTHERN not fucken Auckland!!

You say it would help when teams can't field enough of one sex, the only problem we have at the moment is not enough females, hence your idea doesn't help anyone as then they would still only have to count 2 females and 4 males in Jamies plan. All Jamie is trying to do is make their females count more as their 2-6 males let them down.

Show Profile  addison Posted: 1 April 2005, 3:22 AM  
Howsabout actually dealing to this in a fair and reasonable way. Jamie is only suggesting this because it would favour his own team, if it was Northern with the strong Womans field then I am 99% sure he would not have suggested it.

The reason it is 4 guys counting and 2 females, is because the male fields are stronger and generally have more competing in it. If you did what you suggested many Super Series events (eg Canterbury Champs) would be severly unfair purely because the female fields dont have the numbers at present. Perhaps Jamies suggestion can come into force in the future when female fields are: (a) a lot stronger in terms of numbers, (b) more fair in terms of the fields being more evenly distributed between the teams.

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 1 April 2005, 5:40 AM  
Thats amazing Simon - 1 in a 100 chance to be wrong and you struck it bang on!

It is not just luck that our womens team is so strong - its all to do with our pure sex appeal that can attract top orienteers from afar away as Denmark, Sweden and Wellington :-)

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 1 April 2005, 9:37 AM  
jamie said "top six results to count with a minimum of two from either gender?"

Sorry I miss read him. I thought just the top six count. that would improve the competitiveness but still the winning team would want to perform in both. Why have a minimum of one sex? Why don't you Auckland wankers get off your high horse and debate the issue not where Jamie comes from or what the current scores are. How short sighted are you?

Show Profile  pcbrent Posted: 1 April 2005, 10:44 AM  
Someone got out of bed on the wrong side.

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 2 April 2005, 1:32 AM  
Read my arguments again Neil I think you will find I have not just been calling Jamie a southern tosser.

You on the other hand, how cheap are your replys

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 13 April 2005, 8:15 AM  
Entry forms for the trial weekend have been sent to squad members and others on my "superseries interest" list. Sing out if it hasn't arrived.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 15 April 2005, 5:51 AM  
Entry list for Round 4 is on the superseries website. As expected it will be a Bivouac benefit, but Magic has a surprise new member. Thinking of defining the finish split as a superseries event in its own right...

Show Profile  nick Posted: 15 April 2005, 8:39 AM  
Good idea - can you please create a "National Sprint Finish Split" title while you're at it...

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 25 April 2005, 2:44 PM  
Superseries results were updated last night, thanks to prompt supply by PAPO. But I need a bit of background to put some flesh on the results. You may find it easier if you throw away the need to rhyme...

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 9 May 2005, 6:22 AM  
Superseries results have been updated. The mens individual result cannot change now, well done Chris. Storm has a 37-point lead over MacNut so that's almost solid, but the womens lead and the two third
placings are very fluid.

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 9 May 2005, 7:07 AM  
Awesome Michael, very swift and professional

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