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Turkey Traverse

Show Profile  HeadHoncho Posted: 28 January 2001, 11:24 AM  
No prizes for guessing who this was ...

On the drive to the start, this person was "all fired up" to race, "even more fired up than yeaterday" (exact quote)

After 3 maps (2 to go), he was in first equal place with Karl D.

He walks out of the fourth map first ...

but it quickly becomes apparent that he has given up. When asked why, the answer is "I cant be f*@^*d" (exact quote). Upon further pressing, he admits to being bored and hadn't done any orienteering during the race (i.e. just hung onto the pack)

Then Karl comes out of the fourth map, also walking and DNFing, due to a back problem.

So this person, who shall remain nameless, basically gave up because he couldn't be f...d while in or near the lead and with about 75% of the race gone.

I will not ask any questions about this person's mentality, sanity, hardness or lack thereof.

The DNF King has returned. I can hear Greg laughing from here.

Show Profile  stu barr Posted: 29 January 2001, 12:21 AM  
Missed the Holdsworth to pansie out, aye!

Softie king,
Softie king,
the typical thing!

Often Licked, often beaten!

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 29 January 2001, 9:19 AM  

Show Profile  Greg B Posted: 22 April 2001, 12:51 PM  
I am laughing, so Matt is back in dnfaction and the usual garbage.




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