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Leppin offers $5,000

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 19 October 2004, 6:26 AM  
This is an unusual request, but someone out there will undoubtedly have old copies of triathlon and multisport magazines from Australia. The requirements are quite specific, but if you are able to find what we are after, we will pay $500 to the first person who can present us with each particular item we are looking for, and up to $5,000 in total.

The criteria are as follows ;

1. Any triathlon, multisport, cycling or similar magazine from Australia dated 1993-1997

2. An article, review or advertisement in the above publications which specifically refers to Leppin Enduro or Enduro Booster, preferably with a label image or photo of the product (but not vital).

What you are most likely to find is an 'Energy Drink' review in which Enduro is featured, or an advertisement for Enduro. We will pay $500 to the first person who finds such a review and supplies it to us. Please note, the cash is up for the first person to have the original copy to us, and we will pay one sum per feature.

There may well by one or more feature per season, as well as advertisements. We are happy to pay for up to ten features, so the offer is capped at a total payout of $5,000. Given the nature of the offer, acceptance is at our discretion. If someone finds all ten features themselves, and we deem them to be acceptable, they could earn up to $5,000!!!!

Offer is open until 5pm, Friday 5th November.

If anyone finds something of interest, please contact Leppin Sport on 09 9168407 and ask for Lisa.

Happy Hunting!!

Show Profile  HeadHoncho Posted: 20 October 2004, 12:55 PM  
Do you get a set of steak knives as well?




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