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Whats going on in Oz

Show Profile  Martin Posted: 1 October 2004, 7:58 AM  
They may be able to defend the title (here's hoping), but nothing will beat last years van!

Awesome results, well done guys

Show Profile  HeadHoncho Posted: 2 October 2004, 11:39 AM  
Oz Champs results courtesy of Rob G (Frase, Rob G keeps getting a fusion error when posting and wants to know what the hell is that!?)

Men: Dave Shep 96, Warren Key 107, Rob J 107, Eric 107, ... Karl 9th 110, Darren 112, Chris 115, James 122, Brent 126, Neil 130

Women: Claire Hawthorne 80, Nikki Taws 82, Jo Allison 86, ... Tania 7th 97, Rebecca 98, Penny 103. Sara Wallen 94 but didn't punch the drinks control

Other results: Georgie Whitla won W16 and Gillian Ingham won W45. Amber 4th W18, Claire 4th W20, both Peats 4th in their grades, Wayne 2nd M55, Pete Swanson 2nd M40, Trish 2nd, Kate Fortune 2nd, Roz Clayton 4th.

Show Profile  fell Posted: 4 October 2004, 7:41 AM  
yeah unfortunately for you guys, the kiwi vans didn't even get a mention in the judges comments, mind you, the vic bus' disco inferno only got us second place behind a controversial 'pre-prepared' act entry.

s'all glover's fault




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