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Mark "Mad Dog" Hudson

Show Profile  Dominic Mills Posted: 18 January 2001, 4:07 AM  
What has happened to Mark Hudson?
Is he still into O?
He used to be my favourite orienteer

Edited by - fraser on 2/7/01 10:02:18 AM

Show Profile  Dominic Mills Posted: 18 January 2001, 4:29 AM  
That is not good enough - have you heard of rehab? Basically what you are saying to the entire orienteering community is that you are a pussy.

Show Profile  Phil Posted: 18 January 2001, 4:27 PM  
Rob Garden always says get a second, third, and fourth opinion from health care professionals- especially if you didn't like what the first one said. And be wary of physios who set you up on a machine, then go and deal with another client. Physios have a license to print money, and having two clients at once is exactly how it's done. By God it's one of NZ's biggest crimes - Brent should look into it. Take note Claire and Michelle!
Actually I'm seeing a physio currently (not in a personal relationship kind of way - strictly professional understand) who uses only hands-on type therapy like massage to treat muscular ailments. He said he can't find any evidence that typical physiotherapy machines like ultrasound actually help recovery!

Show Profile  stu barr Posted: 19 January 2001, 1:19 AM  
mark is cool. he's one of the least pussy people I know!

Show Profile  Dominic Mills Posted: 19 January 2001, 5:37 AM  
Sorry Mad Dog, perhaps I was a little hasty in my assessment of your character. It seems as if you have explored every avenue as far as rehab is concerned.

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