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5 Volcanoes Challenge

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 7 May 2004, 3:36 PM  
Sunday 15 August 2004

"The 5 Volcanoes Challenge – depending on the course you decide to take will determine the total distance you run or walk. Start and finish is in Royal Oak and participants must check in at each of the following points (but in no particular order); One Tree Hill, Mt Eden, Auckland Domain (band rotunda), Mt Hobson, and Mt St John"

Show Profile  runningbeast Posted: 10 May 2004, 11:42 AM  
Surely an orienteer should win this - all those little tracks etc up the mountains that other poeple don't use much.

Which way would be fastest??

One tree, Mt Eden through the teachers college, down mountain road to the Domain, cut through the back of newmarket to run up Remerua Road to Mt Hobson, accross motorway to Mt St John and then back to Royal Oak through Piriri Drive and one tree???

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 10 May 2004, 4:47 PM  
Yeah, I would think straight to Mt Eden and then get One Tree Hill last. The record is 76m 21s. Will have to do some test runs!




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