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Secondary School Champs

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 10 June 2000, 4:56 AM  
So who are the hot favourites for the Secondary School Champs??

Show Profile  AB Posted: 12 June 2000, 1:31 AM  
Rumour has it there have been less than 10 entries with only a week to go. I know they all leave it to the last minute but with people heading to APOC are they going to remember to enter?

Show Profile  DaveGlover Posted: 1 July 2000, 7:00 AM  
OK, so there are 206 entries for the NZOF SSC, who are the hot favourites?

James Bradshaw or Ross Morrison for the senior boys.
Amy Holden or Victoria Glover for the senior girls.
John White, with Tim Allen or Richard Glover close second for Intermediate boys
Any one of 4 for intermediate girls (Claire Paterson, Amber Morrison, Caroline Berendt, Melanie Johnstone, my money would be on Caroline).
Simon Addison for junior boys, but Kieran Nelson could get close. Of course there are some unknowns in this grade.
Hazel Thompson has a good chance in the Junior girls, but I don't know many of the others.

Dave Glover

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 24 July 2000, 7:12 AM  
Unfortunately I was only able to attend the first day and so I could not cover the relay event.

I have not heard any results from the relay either so if anyone knows where they can be found I suspect a number of people would still be interested.

Show Profile  DaveGlover Posted: 9 August 2000, 8:25 AM  
I have posted a writeup of what results I know on my site at

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