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Aus training camp March 04

Show Profile  :D Posted: 5 December 2003, 9:00 AM  
The first national league races for Aus next year will be on the weekend of 6-7 March in St Helens Tasmania. To tie in with that we're having our elite training camp in the week before (probably starting the saturday and going through to the friday). The first 2 days of that will be on Pittwater (unforgettable) and then making our way north stopping at a bunch of maps on the way. And to top it all off 2 (or 3) days of racing in St Helens tin mining. And don't forget the beaches and the best pizza shop in Tassie! The national league races will only be for two days, but it's actually a long weekend in Tas and there's a race on Monday too for anyone keen. Should be awesome, start saving now!

Show Profile  :D Posted: 5 December 2003, 9:02 AM  
Oh yeah.. here's the website..




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