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National Relays

Show Profile  PaulS Posted: 28 November 2003, 3:52 AM  
I don't know if this has been suggested before...?

Instead of Club relays teams, we should do it like how they do it in aussie. They have states, and we have regions.

You have one relay team from each region for each grade. e.g. M16, W18, 21E. The regions could be Auckland, Central, Wellington, and South Island, or what they are with the superseries.

So you have regional selectors, who choose three people for each team, to run in each grade.

Then, the teams are classed as "rep teams", and its easier to get sponsors for a rep team, then say, if you were going for yourself.

Also, each team would cover all the legs. The legs could be red, becuase it will be the best people.

For everyone else, who is not in a regional relay team, you just have what there is now - "mixed short" - or something similar.

Then, draw up some points system, then have an overall regional relay champion.

Show Profile  rob_crawford Posted: 28 November 2003, 4:30 AM  
Why not just flag the relays. They are a bit of a non-event.

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 28 November 2003, 7:24 AM  
Why not have two grades, sober and non-sober.

Or you could even make the relays red level instead of orange. (Sorry NZOF, I know I'm just being silly now.)

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 28 November 2003, 7:39 AM  
Go on Paul you draw up a plan, get sponsours and also find selectors for each region, I'm sure you'll find more than enough people willing to help, I mean they already axed the 2 race short-o system because everyone wanted to organise it. But I see that somebody must think that the relay are a really worth while event as we have 2 of them in the next nationals, not only is running orange level making the current relays a joke but now there is also the completly non-championship event of the family relays.

Show Profile  alice inn wonderland Posted: 30 November 2003, 2:28 PM  

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Show Profile  alice inn wonderland Posted: 30 November 2003, 2:29 PM  

Show Profile  Andrew M Posted: 4 December 2003, 2:42 AM  
In all seriousness.

Relays should still be an important part of the calendar. Sure the National Relays are perhaps more social than intensly competitive, but I still enjoy whooping greg flynn.

I am still holding out for a Superseries Relay. Would be an excellent end to the 2003/2004 series if one could be organised in conjunction with Queens Birthday. Red courses, two men and one woman from region etc etc

Show Profile  Dave Mcc Posted: 4 December 2003, 5:38 AM  
In all seriousness...........

I think personally, as most of you know that we should have an event in conjunction with the secondary schools and believe that this would be the best way of show casing the better side to oing (yes there is one). Perhaps inbetween senior and junior relays we have a superseries one..... I know it will never happen but theres just a thought. A superseries relay would rock, id go watch it if there was a few good spectator controls.

Show Profile  addison Posted: 4 December 2003, 5:55 AM  
I would watch it if there was a drinking control as well. Lets call it the 2nd start triangle. Taken off from the 19th hole for golf. Some crap like that.




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