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Auckland Summer Series - what's the event format?

Show Profile  Blair Posted: 16 November 2003, 5:17 AM  
I'll be in Auckland for a work conference in the week 8-12 December (unfortunately, doesn't look like I'll get the chance to go out to Woodhill or anywhere similar). Just wondering what the format of the Summer Series events is this year - the last time I was in Auckland a couple of years ago there was a sprint-type event (and a very decent field running it) - is the 11 December event likely to be similar?

Show Profile  AKLexpress Posted: 16 November 2003, 11:49 AM
Thursday, 11 December, Churchill Park (Glendowie)

Start times are between 5:30pm and 6:45pm with course closure at 7:30pm. Four courses, between 2 and 8km in the park and around some of the local streets. There have been alot of people at the first two events.


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Show Profile  Michael Posted: 16 November 2003, 12:43 PM  
I'd reschedule your conference to Wellington Blair, final of the O-Max park-o series at Mt Vic on 11 Dec, Hagaby-style loops with a ton of surprises thrown in, 4 or 6 runners starting at once with spectator control, PA system, etc

Show Profile  addison Posted: 17 November 2003, 1:25 PM  
A rumour has been going around the world of 'Extreme Mullet Dusters' that Blair is really not in New Zealand for his 'work' conference but is in NZ for his mullet dusting.

A confirmed siting of Blair preparing for this has been discovered. It can be found at:

O-Max and Auckland Summer Series move aside, 'Extreme Mullet Dusting' is staking its claim on orienteers all around the country, and the world.




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