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Transport to Wellington Champs

Show Profile  Chris Forne Posted: 5 November 2003, 9:44 AM  
Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone is driving up from Wellington on Saturday morning with a free space in their car. Or is it possible to catch a bus to somewhere near

I'm flying in to Wellington 9:15pm Friday night, but have not arranged transport to the event.

If you can help a disorganised chris, either email me. or give me a ring
(03) 9806267


Chris Forne

Show Profile  Jenni Posted: 5 November 2003, 10:44 AM  
Chris, it's two days before you leave - this is organised for you...

from Jenni (who organised her lift from Palmerton North yesterday...)

On the subject of Wellington Champs, what kind of random generator do they use to generate their start times?




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