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CD Champs...

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 26 October 2003, 2:53 AM  
Just searching for some info..

Has Neil Kerrison completed his transformation from zero to hero?

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 26 October 2003, 9:35 AM  
This is from memory which has been a little sun-frazzled (and probably contour frazled) through the course of today.

Darren won, but BillE, Mark Lawson and Neil (CD champ) were within 4 minutes, I think in that order. Karl was no more than 2 or 3 mins behind whoever was 4th. Not quite as close as it looks coz Darren had a few minutes stopped helping out a broken-leg recipient. Bradshaw and Bryn weren't that far behind the leaders either. Rebecca beat Marquita, can't remember what order Claire, Karin-from-Austria, Lisa and Nat were in, but the order I've just put them in has a familiar ring to it.

Last results I saw for today's shorter race were Darren 1, Bill 2, Bradshaw 3, again with just a few mins in it. Neil and Karl might have slotted in there somewhere after those results were posted. And I think Marquita beat Reb this time.

Bring on the sprint! (though my legs are sceptical about the idea right now)

Stop press: Neil has just been offered a job with the Scandinavian tourism bureau: "see what just a few months in Scandinavia can do for you!"

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 27 October 2003, 10:19 AM  
Day two was DA, Karl, Mark, Bill, James, Me, Bryn...

Park Race was Karl, Mark, Me, Bryn, James... and Marquita (no Rebecca and Darren.

Actually I put my improvements down to not scandinavia, but
-doing five hundred press ups each morning
-eating no takeaways for 6 months
-Drinking alcohol only once a month for six months
-shaving my head and one leg
- and eating macadamia nuts.

Show Profile  ericm Posted: 27 October 2003, 1:34 PM  
That would be the new line of THG coated nuts Rob is putting out to crack the US market. And I'm glad that was shaving your head and eating nuts. For a moment there I read things the wrong way round...


Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 27 October 2003, 1:51 PM  
Well done Taupo/Rotorua another well organised weekend. And results on the internet already, excellent stuff.




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