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Southern 6 Day latest

Show Profile  ecurb Posted: 24 October 2003, 2:42 AM  
Just a reminder that earlybird entries close on the 30th just one week away. So far we have elite enties from Sweden, UK and Aussie as well as NZ of course.

Show Profile  ecurb Posted: 30 October 2003, 2:51 AM  
Elite entries are coming in now with some well known Aussies entered as well as the usual Kiwis. Of the confirmed European entries one to watch in M21E could be Sweden's Ulf Troeng 2nd in his JWOC short heat and 9th in the final. No slouch in the JWOC Classic either with an 18th place.

In W21E there is Henna Makelainen fron Finland (that I don't know anything about) and Sarah Noot from GB who has good JWOC placings to her credit

Show Profile  ecurb Posted: 30 October 2003, 7:57 AM  
Naseby camping ground is fully booked (tent sites as well as cabins) but there is lots of tent sites available at Ranfurly camping ground which is just 15 mins down the road. Phone there is 03 444 9144

Show Profile  ecurb Posted: 3 December 2003, 10:49 AM  
Update on elite entries

There is a good entry of elites with the M21E class the biggest of the mens classes, just ahead of the crusties (M55A's)

Womens elites are the 2nd biggest class of the women behind the W55A's.

We know of some overseas elites who are coming but whose entries haven't arrived yet. With entry closing date still two weeks away there looks to be some challenges for the Kiwi elites! Elite entries to date are:

Craig Dufty AUS
Simon Goddard AUS
James Bradshaw NZ
Alistair Cory-Wright NZ
Greg Flynn NZ
Chris Forne NZ
Carsten Jorgensen NZ
Neil Kerrison NZ
Mark Lawson NZ
Andrew McCarthy NZ
Fraser Mills NZ
Aaron Prince NZ
Matt Scott NZ
Michael Smithson NZ
Jamie Stewart NZ
Michael Tagg NZ
Martin Johnsson SWE
Martin Larbo SWE
Johan Lindahl SWE
Mattias Millinger SWE
Jesper Svedberg SWE
Ulf Troeng SWE

Cath Chalmers AUS
Thorlene Egerton AUS
Wendy Read AUS
Rachel West AUS
Henna Makelainen FIN
Jenni Adams NZ
Kate Bodger NZ
Jean Cory-Wright NZ
Marquita Gelderman NZ
Penny Kane NZ
Claire Paterson NZ
Natalie Rouse NZ
Rachel Smith NZ
Emma Dahlstedt SWE
Sarah Noot UK

Show Profile  Andrew M Posted: 4 December 2003, 3:36 AM  
Couple of extra Aussies and it could be the Swe/NZ/Aus tri-series.

Show Profile  ecurb Posted: 24 December 2003, 2:50 AM  
The mens elite class is now even stronger with entries from locals Stu Barr and Rob Jessop togther with Swedes Jonas Salen and Johan Palmer. This brings the class up to 35 competitors.

A late entry from Australia brings Danielle Winslow into the elite womens class to have a total of 21 competitors.

Its great to see that not only is M21E the biggest of the mens classes but W21E is the biggest (equal) of the women's.

Both of these classes are larger (the women substantially so) than at this years Easter carnival which had 120 more competitors than the Southern 6 Day.

Does this prove that for elites orienteering is a summer sport?!!

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 24 December 2003, 5:29 AM  
No. It proves that foriegners come on summer holiday to NZ in the summer.

This message was edited by Neil K on 24 December 2003, 12:31 PM

Show Profile  addison Posted: 24 December 2003, 6:23 AM  
Watch this space... something big is coming. When I can be bothered to get off my ass and type it up here, I will do. Neil get excited.

Show Profile  Dave Mcc Posted: 24 December 2003, 7:25 AM  
Im dying to hear wat u got to say simon, the suspense is truley over whelming.............merry xmas all and best of luck for the 6 day

Show Profile  ecurb Posted: 24 December 2003, 2:15 PM  
Oops I was premature. Rob Jessop is now not coming

Show Profile  Bryn Posted: 5 January 2004, 1:54 PM  
Can anyone tell me some results from the first few events?

Show Profile  Keith Posted: 6 January 2004, 12:57 PM  
The Results for days 1 and 2 are now on their website

Show Profile  ecurb Posted: 9 January 2004, 3:20 PM  
Day 3 and 4 results are now at




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