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MTBO Training Weekend

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 31 July 2003, 2:36 AM  

Presenting the first ever official NZOF MTBO Training weekend.
One of the sub-branches of orienteering which is growing quickly MTBO will reach new highs with an ANZ challenge this September.

This weekend is targeted at those riders preparing for this...and those who want to learn more about this fun new sport and perhaps apply their footO skills to the bike.

This weekend is heavily subsidised by the NZOF and is a service provided for YOU the NZOF member..give it a go

The camp will be run by NZOF senior coach Andy Clayton. Andy is a very experienced coach and outdoors leader...this weekend will be great value for your map reading skills

SOUTHERN TRAVERSE COMPETITORS, want to learn more about navigating on the bike???
Sick of getting lost and even more tired...give this a go.

Contact Andy at or (03) 3157383 for further information.

dates: 23-24th August .....this is SOON... (Registration is URGENT)
where: Hamner Forest
coach: Andy Clayton
contact: Andy at or (03) 3157383

Show Profile  Jenni Posted: 31 July 2003, 3:52 AM  
Sounds good, good work and thanks Jamie and Andy! I would have liked to go but I have committed to doing something else that weekend (visit my sister in Blackball). Will have to come and play on my bike in Hanmer on my own another weekend. I'm going to Michael Wood's mountain biking this weekend in Wellington - if you haven't tried mbo you should it's really fun. For me anyway it spurs me to do more daring things then I ever would on a normal ride. Hopefully I won't have a broken leg next week...




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