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NZSSC 2004 - Proposals

Show Profile  addison Posted: 22 July 2003, 8:14 AM  
Before this years National Secondary School Event took place, it recieve a lot of flack about the host club not doing certain things. As an Orienteer who has just finished his Secondary School career in Orienteering, I look forward to helping the possible host club of Rotorua in its quest to hold the best and largest NZSS Champs ever.

This is the time to act now, and make the host club well aware of the problems that could arise. This is all in aim to prevent things such as;
There has been no social function oranganised either. Quite frankly, this is pathetic.

To make the event bloody brilliant I propose the following:

Elite Exposure
I remember when I was 4th form. It was the North Island SS Champs. The great thing about this event was that their was a mass start race for the elites on the relay day as I remember. This made everyone well aware that their is a 'next level' to aspire to.

Their can be a few options in this circumstance:
-> Have an elite mass start race.
-> Have a race similair to the current CDSS Champs, where a team of 6 runs on courses basically the same, but slightly overlapping and different. Whole team starts at the set time. Fastest 4 times count towards team total. Possibility of having say 3 males, 3 females, with fastest 2 times from each sex counting.
-> Addition of this race / these races into the Super Series. This would help pay for accomodation, transport etc. It would also add a different aspect to the teams event in the Super Series by having a team from each area running for points. Would fully utalise the event already being held.
-> Have elites come with schools giving professional coaching assistance.

Possible Extra Day
The possibility of having an extra day at NZSS Champs would help with the issue of exposer and can open up the chance for an 'elite secondary school competition', where teams from each provience compete in a special event.

Possible race types:
-> That of mentioned above with a team of 6 competing with fastest 4 times counting. Would probably prefer to have shorter races that long, because the next day would be the main Classic.
-> A Short O' as it is a respected discipline of Orienteering, and is just as important as a full length race.
-> Sprint race. Same reasoning as Short O'.

The Accomodation for the event needs to be centralised. In this circumstance it needs to be in Rotorua, but in a large Motor Camp, such as Tahuna was in Nelson. This gives larger teams the chance to stay together, and really get a good environment going.

Positives by doing so:
-> Could arrange a special rate, making whole event cheaper for teams and therefore more attractive for people to come.
-> Could be the venue for a social say on the Classic Night.
-> Would allow for registration to take place the night before the event, saving time on the morning for the organisers.

This is a major thing. Orienteering is getting too expensive to be seen as the 'cheap' sport. For us hardcore Orienteers its ok, because we still get to Orienteer. But for those who are new to the sport, to go run at certain events costs sometimes around $30 a day! Perhaps sponsorship or something can pay for the printing of the maps, and local sporting agencies can lend things such as sound gear. These sorts of things im sure can be got on the cheap.

Im not too sure how much money a club makes from holding events such as the Secondary School event, but im sure that we can keep this the same as it is an incentive for the host club to hold the event.

Perhaps even having a price scale for schools, so that the more competitors they bring, the cheaper it gets. Just a thought.

Electronic Punching
Probably a 'think big' project at the moment. But im sure it can be done. This would be great for promoting the sport, but can be a major headache if it all goes wrong. Probably a thing thats too big for the Rotorua club on its own.

Maybe Auckland and NWOC can come and help out here. Lending equipment, experts in it coming to help etc. Possibly the NZOF could make a proposal for a grant for the Secondary School Series (ie NISS, NZSS, SISS) to have their own set of Electronic gears to be administered by a certain club or committee or the Secondary Schools Co-ordinators club?

A major advantage with electronic clipping is the splits. With these special awards can be created for things such as 'fastest sprint finish' etc. This adds a huge amount to the atmosphere to the event.

Programme / Entries
The Programme is always an issue for the secondary schools events, as they are generally sent to schools too late and get to them during the school holidays. This causes huge problems. Napier attempted to send them out via email for the NISS Champs last year as I seem to remember, and also posted them on the net. This was sort of inadequate.

Nelson did a good job with theirs, it was sent nice and early, getting to the schools before the holidays. The only problem is that entries would be needed earlier. This generally does not happen and in this years case lots of people got them in late. Nelson had to predict how many more would enter and leave starting spaces. To overcome this maybe a financial incentive can be made for early entry. Say 20% discount.

Event Centre / Carparking
The event Centre is the key to a good event. If their was to be an elite race, the need for a spectator control would be huge. Perhaps even having two spectator controls? These controls could be used for the Secondary School events also, and would help with commentary etc.

Carparking needs to be close also to event centre. One thing that wrecks an event, is a long walk from event centre to things such as carparks, starts, finishes.

The Planning of the events etc needs to be top class. It was suggested to me by a member of the Rotorua club that someone such as myself would be ideal. Having just come out of 5 years of Secondary School Orienteering, I can understand what the competitors want and what sorts of distances are ideal for the courses. It would be a big of a gamble for someone such as myself to plan the courses for the event, but I would suggest that only the Individual be planned by someone such as myself. The Relay is too difficult for a novice to plan, as it has many things that can be easily over-looked. I shall be puting my name forward to the Rotorua club to help, and if it means planning... wahoo. Greg Flynn did it well at the NISS Champs this year, but probably had been out of the loop too long and made the girls courses too physical for what they needed to be.

Shops / Mapsport
It would be great to see Michael Wood with his trailor of Orienteering gear at the Secondary School Events. Its probably not profitable for him to come on his own accord. Perhaps he can have his petrol paid for and stay with a local club member, or something along those lines. Perhaps he can bring up Mic Finn.... which is my next topic

Commentary / Music
This is a major component to making the Event Centre buzzing. Their is no better in New Zealand Orienteering than Mic Finn. He has the charisma, voice, commedy and music to go with the job. He may need help with names etc but perhaps wearing numbers will help overcome this. Mic can also have a free trip and help out if their was to be a social.

A Social is great for Secondary School Orienteering. It has to be non-alcoholic to please parents and supervisors. This can be held on the Individuals night.

-> Allows a proper celebration for the individual winners.
-> Lets Orienteering have an identity in social respects at Secondary School Events.
-> Allows for inter-team mixing.

The NZOF needs to be very active in these champs. They need to give a contribution of monetary value to the host club, as they did to Nelson. Perhaps they can even pay for some new trophies for things such as the Standard Grades, Best Sprint Finishes etc.

It would be great to have a NZOF offical such as Rob Crawford at the event just to show that the federation is behind this part of the sport. I commend the fact that the champs were used for a selection for a NZSS Team. Perhaps this can continue every year and even have a NZSS Team Training Camp. Who knows, just a few ideas.

If anyone can think of any suggestions, criticisms both positive and negative, or other proposals they wish to make for the next Nationals..... feel free to post here. I will be taking these to the Rotorua club in the hope that it will make the 2004 NZSS Champs the biggest and best ever.


Show Profile  rae Posted: 22 July 2003, 1:05 PM  
It might be polite to ask the President of the Rotorua Club if they are willing to host this event before dreaming any further. Now we (the working adult) are being asked to take three days off work to hold an event for you. Two days at the event and and least one putting out controls and setting up an event centre!!!!

Show Profile  addison Posted: 22 July 2003, 1:19 PM  
Raewyn. Im sure that the general Orienteering public in the local area (CDOA) would be more than willing to help Rotorua. Geoff Morrison quoted that he would love it to be at Rotorua also..... but their are some decisions to be made in the Rotorua club, and perhaps the club needs to know how much support their is around to help them.

Show Profile  Paul G Posted: 22 July 2003, 2:12 PM  
Great to read the glowing reports of Nelson's efforts on Rabbit Island, and to see how the event's success is encouraging you guys to ensure the next one is even better!
The AOA 2004 draft calendar was worked through a couple of weeks ago by NW, AOC and CM, and is currently being considered by the clubs' members. It lists the Nat Sec School Champs being hosted by CMOC in 2004, and tentatively scheduled for Sun 11Jul... (I hope this isn't too much of a shock for you Martin!) [The NZOF Long Term calendar had allocated the duty to "Auckland"]
Regarding Sportident, NW and AOC have both affirmed their wish to see it used in as many events as possible - from Score Series up. It was a real positive feature of the Akld SS Champs, and I am sure it will be on offer at the NZSSC '04.

Show Profile  addison Posted: 22 July 2003, 2:23 PM  
Just correcting you Paul:

Their has been in previous years a cycle between all four regions for hosting the NZSS Champs. It goes SI -> AOA -> WOA -> CDOA -> and the cycle begins again.

Because of the inability last year for the CDOA's member clubs to hold this event, CMOC stepped in. I quote Geoff Morrison as saying that he would like Rotorua to host this event, and perhaps this is to get the system equal, instead of Auckland holding two NZSS Champs in three years, or 3 in 5 years. Putting the event into your calendar without consultation with the Secondary Schools Co-ordiantor may have been the wrong approach, and correct me if im wrong on that and if you have talked to Geoff.

And giving the event to CMOC raises another query. The same club 2 years out of 3 Champs? Serious questions must be asked about weither or not this is fair to all competitors from around the country, as the rotation policy of the event is sort of aimed at evening it up for all who come from all areas.

Show Profile  maskofsomething Posted: 23 July 2003, 8:03 AM  
Guys, I brought this up in the last thred about Nationals and it seems much of it has been repeated with Simon adding and going more into depth. Sure the nationals was good this year but there just seemed that thing to be missing. I dont know what it was but the event didnt feel right. The long walk to the start really got on my nerves as i had to travel that like 3 or 4 times to prepare.

Having the event in Rotorua sounds fantastic but perhaps the club going to host could take some leaves out of Nelsons book, add Mick finn and a whole lot more people. The price issue is a big one but before we even think about getting to nationals whos put any thought into getting some juniors to the o camp?

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 23 July 2003, 11:35 AM  
O camp as in the one in December?

I have, give me a week on this one...just putting final arrangements in place

Show Profile  maskofsomething Posted: 23 July 2003, 12:43 PM  
I hear James is running it. Can anyone confirm and if yes how do I get hold of him I wanna ask him something.

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 23 July 2003, 2:33 PM  
KCcool open your ears, Simon said help from Auckland with sport Ident eg maybe hiring it, not every club in NZ has to have SI to use it.

Rae somebody not thanked you for some help you did?

Simon the carpark should be the most furtherest thing away from the event center this way there is an atmosphere at the event center rather than unsocialable people sitting around in there cars. From all your comments it is clear that you have never been to an event outside of NZ or Oz, I'm currently at O-ringen where 15000 people all sit around the finish, the shortest walk to the start has been 1.9km and the longest 2.6km, the carpark has been up to 2.5km away for the last 2 days and that has all added to the event not taken it away as your postings suggest.

Also if the SS are going to be in July you might have a hard time finding any Elites for your elite race as the top ones will be overseas and the rest back home won't be in any form and getting fat.

Show Profile  lapun Posted: 23 July 2003, 11:44 PM  
What grade are you running at Oringen, Greg?

Show Profile  lapun Posted: 23 July 2003, 11:46 PM  
What grade are you running at Oringen, Greg?

Show Profile  HeadHoncho Posted: 24 July 2003, 12:18 AM  
Greg is in H21L1 (84th after 3 days)

Show Profile  Andrew M Posted: 24 July 2003, 3:35 AM  
Any one know what is happening with the schools team heading to Australia?

I would have hoped that the team was announced in at the Secondary Schools prize giving. Therefore showing all of the competitors that there is another level to aspire to.

Hopefully the schools team becomes prestigious like the old team which contested the Southern Cross Junior Challenge or what ever it was called.

Show Profile  mark Posted: 24 July 2003, 4:22 AM  
Having the carpark far away from the event centre works well in creating a good social atmosphere at O-Ringen. But in NZ it has the opposite effect. People don't take their gear from their car to the event centre. So after they run their course, they go back to their car to get changed. Then they either have to walk back to the event centre, socialize in the car park or just go home. A lot of people just go home because they can't be fucked walking to the event centre and hanging around in the car park usually sucks.

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 24 July 2003, 5:06 AM  
Instead of having all five days in a row they now have a rest day in the middle. Means that there are two parties instead of just one. Nice! Bring on 2004.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 24 July 2003, 6:07 AM  
Andrew asked...

Any one know what is happening with the schools team heading to Australia?

And a related question, anyone know what is happening with the NZ team for the ANZ Challenge?

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