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Secondary Schools Champs

Show Profile  James Posted: 18 July 2003, 11:22 AM  
well Martin is a legend! the first person to win the senior boys title twice!!!and by 5mins as well!
Senior boys
1st martin peat
2nd Simon addison
3rd richard glover
4th andrew whiteford(running on a fractured leg!!)

Senior girls
1st amber morrison
2nd jayne shuker
3rd rita holmes

Intermediate boys
1st Duncan o'reagan(or something to that effect)
2nd daniel sttot
3rd daniel barnfield

Intremediate girls
1st Frances peat (shit this family is legendary)
2nd emma watson
3rd tessa ramsden

not really sure about these junior grades????
maybe simon jager 1st
beating andrew peat!!!
and kirsty turner 1st in the chicks!!

Show Profile  Scotty Posted: 19 July 2003, 11:13 AM  
Who konws where we can find some results , 4 the National SS ?




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