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Summer Series

Show Profile  pcbrent Posted: 9 November 2000, 8:58 AM  
Frasor, I'm afraid that your calculations are in error.

In the first summer series event at the Domain Brent the Champ Edwards came home in second placing. This gives me a total of Hmm 4 points.

On the second event Brent the Champ Edwards came home in fourth placing. This gave him another 2 points.

If my calculations do not fail me this gives Brent the champ Edwards a total oh hmmm 4+2=6 which puts him in an anascalable lead.

In your summer series report you have given me the total sum of a feebilish 5 points. This is sadly in error as it puts me in second equal place with the likes of Dave the hole in the wall Stuart, Fraser the inhanced performer Mills and Rob back from Europe Jessop.

I suggest Fraser that you ammend your error without delay before you get accused of "fiddleing the books" (I know this will be a change for you as you are normally accused of fiddleing with something much smaller).

If you think that you have a chance at beating me by fiddleing then then I suggest that you bring out an oversized biscuit.

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 11 November 2000, 2:46 PM  
You're obviously smarter than you look Brent.

I guess I'm not as good at fidling as you are.

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