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TV Stars

Show Profile  Melissa Posted: 8 July 2003, 7:45 AM  
Rob Garden and Marquita Gelderman are featured on this weeks "Maggie's Garden Show".

From Paua diving and a career as a vet to Macadamia nut growers in West Auckland - we visit the good life of an Auckland couple and Maggie gets the low-down on this unique landscape.

The programme is on Friday July 11th at 7.30pm on TV One.

Show Profile  Andrew M Posted: 8 July 2003, 8:57 AM  
Wonder if Maggie gets invited in for a game of pool and a bourbon on the side ?

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 9 July 2003, 2:06 AM  

she then probably proceeds to prune lucitanicas for an hour or two, has a quick nap around lunchtime then sits around entering race horse results into a database while eating second grade macadamia nuts.

she will no doubt forget to go for a run.

Show Profile  Marquita G Posted: 30 July 2003, 7:29 PM  
At least she did the dishes.

Show Profile  maskofsomething Posted: 2 August 2003, 3:16 AM  
Speaking of tv stars did anyone see phil wood on tv for that random adventure race.




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