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Show Profile  Michael Posted: 1 July 2003, 3:13 PM  
Wasn't the latest issue of NZ Orienteering superb? Under Lindsay and Evlynn Smith the layout has been getting better and better (to the extent that the few pages WITHOUT artwork are now more noticeable), but the leap into colour for the cover and centre spread just blew me away!

This issue came at a great time when I was wanting to thank the Superseries sponsors; I was really proud to be able to include a copy of issue 69. Does anyone still think we should
abandon the magazine for the internet?

Talking of magazines, another surprise arrived in my mailbox today. (That's out by the footpath made of tin, for those who only know the other sort...) The latest issue of O-Sport (the European Magazine of Orienteering Activity) features Carsten Jorgensen on the cover, with the words "Dane or Aborigine? Jessop and Jorgensen fiercely duel on all sides
of the globe". Inside, a story about the Easter-Anzac event by Alistair Stewart with photos by Rob Crawford.

This English-language magazine too is getting better and better, going well beyond a European focus. In this issue, stories about orienteering in Iceland, Japan, Australia (Crocodile Dundee Orienteering), NZ, China (quite a lot), Nepal, Japan (MTBO), as well as
typically hard-hitting features (the cockups in Sweden and the new sprint-o mapping specis), interviews and training articles.

It's not cheap (60 Euro for 8 issues by air) but it is very impressive. Published in Czech Republic, the address is

Show Profile  HeadHoncho Posted: 2 July 2003, 4:43 AM  
We've been blessed with competent editors for quite some time. Unfortunately subscription numbers are low (and gradually declining) and I don't know what the solution is. Personally I think the magazine should be compulsory and covered by an increase in affiliation fees but I don't think that would be acceptable to the masses.

Lindsay went to the trouble of combining 2 photos for the cover and it came out really well. The editors also went to the trouble of seeking quotes from printers and found one who would print the mag with 4 pages of colour cheaper than the previous duotone. Full marks to them and I'm glad others are appreciative of their efforts.

That cover pic on O-Sport looks good, too :-) Getting a pic from Woodhill Forest on the cover of a European Orienteering magazine is not a bad effort.

Show Profile  mark Posted: 2 July 2003, 8:17 AM  
Why should the magazine be compulsory?

I don't subscribe to it. Quite a lot of orienteers (I think) aren't interested in what is going on in the sport outside of the events they attend.

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 2 July 2003, 11:55 AM  
A couple of years back, some time after subscription for NZO became seperate from membership, there was one issue that was sent to EVERYONE in an attempt to imcrease subscription. Did this have any positive effect? If it did maybe that should be repeated regularly, especially if it's going to be an issue like that last one (did you see it Mark? and if so did you reconsider subscription at all?). Of course you wouldn't want that big hand out to happen too regularly otherwise people might think there's no point subscribing - maybe if one region gets one "free" issue in any one year?

Of course having a great looking magazine means nothing if the content isn't up to scratch, and if Rob C is allowed to complement the photography, then can I say how well the latest issue measured up on that front =) ???

Show Profile  mark Posted: 2 July 2003, 3:16 PM  
I remember getting that magazine that was sent to everyone and I didn't even think about subscribing to it. It didn't have any positive effect for me.

Although when I saw a copy of the latest colour magazine floating around the thought of subscribing did pass through my mind for a couple of seconds, before I came to my senses.




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