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How's the international part doing?

Show Profile  Alternativet Posted: 30 June 2003, 6:31 AM  
It's been almost four months since Alternativet announced the international section with translation of news items into English. How has it turned out?

The orienteering world is growing larger and larger, thus it was a natural step for Alternativet to offer news in English. So far, we are pleased with the translation work, even if the coverage have been spotty at times. However, we expected to hear a lot more from you international readers in the news comments and general comments. Therefore we now urge you to take an active part in the discussions. 99,something% of the Swedes understand English just fine, so that's not an excuse to stay out of it.

We also want to do some surveying on how to get you guys more interactive. Below we offer some fictive opinions, just to get you some idea on what we think might be the reason, and some foundation for your comments

- The many comments in Swedish scare me off.
- They surely don't want English comments in there.
- If someone else starts, I might continue.
- I want an English-only comment section.
- The news items aren't worth any comments.
- Say what?!? The language is so horrible that it's impossible to understand.
- Do Alternativet think they're important? No one reads the stuff anyway!
- Everything is just fine, and no comments are necessary.
- My Internet connectivity is so bad that I only do the most necessary things when surfing.

Please, comment away about any aspect of the international part. Even if you want to say that you think it's all great (we want to hear that too!) - we want to get an estimate of how many international readers we actually have.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 1 July 2003, 1:32 PM  
It isn't clear whether you want comments here (via MAptalk) or via Alternativet. I'll make some here.

I think the English version is great and we have had a link to it from our club website for a couple of months. I look at it every couple of weeks but was put off recently when there was a gap in news of several weeks. It seems to have taken off again now though.

But in New Zealand (with about 1500 orienteers) there are probably about 10% who are really serious about orienteering, and of those there are probably about 10% who are keen enough to look all around the world for news. So we are talking about 15 people here, it's not very many. And of those, most may be happy to read, without wanting to comment.

But keep up the good work.

Michael Wood, Webmaster, Orienteering Hutt Valley




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