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Beer Mile

Show Profile  Andrew M Posted: 6 June 2003, 9:57 AM

Dont ask me where I find this stuff.

Nick Willis is attempting to improve on his 6:11, yeap 4 beers and 4 laps, should be a laugh to watch. The record is held by a the New Zealander Sean Wade i think.

Anyone keen for an attempt during the Southern Series?

Show Profile  stu barr Posted: 6 June 2003, 12:41 PM  
someone enter Ben Roberts quick!

Show Profile  bendover Posted: 16 June 2003, 1:19 AM  
i did it in france about 7 years ago. i sucked, but my beer consumption ability was poor. think i was around 8 minutes. I have definitely improved my beer consumption abilitiy, however i am not quite the whippersnapper i was. could be an interesting test.

Show Profile  bendover Posted: 17 June 2003, 7:43 PM  
there is a legend in edinburgh about some guys who did the '100 challenge'

100 pints of beer
100 miles of running


100 hours.

now that is hardcore. and apparently its been done... work that one out! i don't think i could do either the miles or the beers on their own, let alone both!




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