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Afterwork Rogaines On Again

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 5 October 2000, 5:07 PM  
First run last year, afterwork shoestring rogaines have started up again in Wellington. A couple of 60-minute tempters have been run on Mt Victoria and Tinakori Hill, now we're into something a bit more realistic with 3 hours next Tuesday (10 Oct) on Lower Hutt's Western Hills. Kicks off at 5 Atahu Gr Lower Hutt at 6pm. Colour map as used for a MTB Trailquest earlier this year. Pairs or solo. 50% afterdark. There'll be one every second Tuesday until the 12-hour rogaine in December.

Michael Wood

Show Profile  stu barr Posted: 5 October 2000, 7:35 PM  
Is it possible to do it on a mountain bike? I might have a few mountain biking friends who might be interested>


Show Profile  Michael Posted: 11 October 2000, 1:51 PM  
Sorry I didn't see this until too late Stu, but last night's shoestring rogaine certainly would have been do-able on a bike, in fact the controls were exactly the same as for the trailquest a few months ago. We just re-jigged the points values to make a new competition out of it. But last night's winner Dave King says he got more controls on foot than he did when he took part in the trailquest!

Some of the rogaines would be less suitable than others for a bike, you'll just have to enquire each time. The next one on 24 Oct will probably be on Mt Kaukau, you could ask what it is going to be like. The following one two weeks later on Belmont Regional Park will be OK although there are a couple of tracks that are no-go for bikes.


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