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Super Series

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 30 April 2003, 7:58 AM  
What has happened in terms of the protest on Sunday, From what I see the super series points that were ment to be based on chasing start on Sunday has changed to the best 2 out of 3 days. This is Crap can't change what was set down. If the protest was upheld then the there should be no result for the 'Overall ANZAC' event in terms of the super series as well. Then next questions leading on from this is if this happens is it still 'drop your 2 worse of 9 scores' or does it become a best 7 of 8 counting?

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 30 April 2003, 9:10 AM  
The super series points were to be based on the overall ANZAC 4day result. This will now be calculated by best 2 out of 3 instead of 3 out of 4. Other than that nothing else should be affected.

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 30 April 2003, 2:24 PM  
I don't think its fair changing the results now the protest was upheld. It was ment to be on the chasing start race and the results from that are void therefore there should be no points awarded to anyone for the superseries for that event.

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 30 April 2003, 4:31 PM  
Greg, it was not meant to be based on the chasing start day even if you did have a really good run that day. Read the rules:

Event 7 of Super Series: Overall, Anzac 4-day Weiti and Woodhill

Note the word 'overall'

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 1 May 2003, 2:55 AM  
Following round two of the Superseries, let me set out how I am handling the problems that have cropped up.

For any problems on the course, there is an established complaint/protest procedure which should be used. It may not be perfect, but if it is followed as intended it is pretty good, and I am definitely not going to try to set up a parallel procedure just for the Superseries.

I will then take the organiser's published results to calculate points. There is the possibility that you find yourself DNF'd or DSQ'd when you see the final results, and there is also a procedure in the NZOF rules to deal with that.

Now for matters outside the event organisation, such as errors in my calculation, or disagreement with my interpretations, first talk to me. Then if you are dissatisfied with my answer, you can refer the matter to the NZOF General Manager.

I would expect competitors (and maybe also superseries followers) might have some matters that are not disputes, but suggestions for next time. Please make those to me also, clearly marking them "suggestion".

I think that the series has gone really well to date, I am excited by the competition and enjoying tracking the progress. I look forward to QB.

Michael Wood, Superseries Manager




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