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Night Training runs in the Waitakeres

Show Profile  runningbeast Posted: 17 April 2003, 3:03 AM  
Anybody keen for some night time adventure training pack runs iIn the Waitakere Ranges (Auckland). Wednesday nights starting about 7pm and going for 90min to 2 hours to start with and maybe some longer ones in a few weeks. (looks like it might change nights after the first one due to MTB night in Woodhill on Wednesdays)

Good training for adventure races, just gettin gou tin winter or to get over being scared of the dark!

1st one on Wednesday 30th April (after easter) starting at the grass carpark at the bottom of the Lower Nihotupu Dam on Huia Road.

Email me at to let me know if you're interested.

Bring your own light.

What sort of pace these runs would be at? A easy pace so we can talk to each other. Depending on the turnout we could have couple of different speed packs. Ideally this is training for adventure races so that is the type of pace - an easy run. (Hills and night will slow us down anyway)

It probably wouldn't be every week - but we can decide after the first one on the 30th.

So far I have 17 people coming (and for Brtent and Fraser you may be interested to know there are quite a few of ladies from GIrls on Top coming)

Show Profile  runningbeast Posted: 22 April 2003, 12:06 AM  
two words

Geek a zoid

Show Profile  runningbeast Posted: 22 April 2003, 8:51 AM  
Hi there
Just an update on the Waitakere Night Training Run next Wednesday the 30th April. So far we have 28 starters so quite a pack which is all good! If you know of anyone else that's keen bring them along (let me know their names so we make sure they arrive before we start ) .

We'll spilt into two groups on the night - with a tortoise group (doing around 90 minutes) and a not so tortoise group (around 2 hours). We will decide at the end of the night which night is best for the future runs given Woodhill MTBing is on Wednesday nights. Probably every second or third week is good.

Suggest that you bring bring warm clothes, a change of clothes for when you finish, water proof jacket, water, a survival blanket and a small first aid kit. Although we will be in a group it's better to be safe than sorry and besides it's good practice - carrying a pack like you would have to do in most races.

Now directions:
From Titirangi travel through the shops to the large roundabout with the three large sculptures on it (these represent regeneration depicted using difference stages of fungi growth.....apparently?!).
Take the first left exit on the roundabout which heads down a steep hill - this is Huia Road. Just stay on this road for the next 5 minutes or so. You will run out of houses on each side of the road and will be heading down another large steep hill. Just before the bottom of this hill you cross a bridge and on your right you should see the outline of the Nihotupu Dam. The car park we are meeting at is on the right hand side of the road just after this dam on a long left hand corner of the road - you should see us milling around with lights. It is the start of the Parau track for those that know it.

And if you're looking for a light for the Waitakeres? - have some very good Silva M2 specialist headlights :

19 Sep 02: Brilliant New Headlamp from Silva
Silva have brought out a new headlamp which combines the output of a halogen bulb with the frugality of LEDs (light emitting diodes). You use the LEDs when you can (you can read a map or a book or potter round your campsite) and you switch over to the 2.4w halogen when you're searching for that control flag. It's not as powerful as the 10w beastie we used to stock, but in typical rogaine use, 2 and a bit lots of 4 AA batteries lasted through the night. The biggie would have required carrying 2-3kg of D cells! The M2 is available now at only $90

these are ideal for the runs and Michael Wood (the owner) is happy to deliver - check out the website




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