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World Military Games

Show Profile  SteveO Posted: 21 October 2019, 12:32 PM  
There were some unexpectedly good results from the Chinese team in the Middle Distance at the World Military Games yesterday, with the women taking three of the four top spots - 6 to 8 minutes faster than Rudnaya, Novikova and Roos in a 40 minute race - and only Matthias Kyburz saving the blushes of the world's top elite runners in the men.

Luckily, the Chinese team had previously posted a video explaining how they became so good. Note particularly the "highly complicated map" they are using at 0:24, the good advice from Li Meizhen, the women's winner, at 0:55 about not finding a control, "desperation sets in", the goal of the team coach at 1:54, "he wants his athletes to run through the woods" and the stirring endorsement of the sport from Yang Changzhong - second only to Kyburz, just 7 seconds behind, in yesterday's event - at 2:58, "its definitely a more interesting sport than the marathon".

New Zealand had no entries in this event.

Show Profile  darren Posted: 22 October 2019, 10:37 AM  
Thought it all sounded a bit dodgy.




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