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Auckland Champs 2017

Show Profile  cmevents Posted: 4 October 2017, 10:31 PM  
Auckland Orienteering Champs entries are open:

Middle: Goat City (Saturday AM)
Rocky outcrops on rolling farmland. Several watercourses and marsh with some native bush. Last used NZ Champs 2015.

Sprint: The Rockery (Saturday PM)
Lots of rock outcrops and scattered boulders. Rolling terrain. Will test navigation in boulders at high speed. Last used Oceania 2017 but not at this scale.

Long: Hares Run (Sunday AM)
Gully spur terrain steep in places with several watercourses and pits. There are pockets of native bush. Last used NZ Champs 2015

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Show Profile  mcroxford Posted: 6 October 2017, 9:14 AM  
And scheduled for the same weekend as the traditional weekend for the Canterbury Champs, which this year is the South Island Champs. Bit disappointing when the HP Manager is lamenting the lack of elite access to quality long distance events.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 19 October 2017, 8:46 PM  
Have you got your wires crossed Michael, or have I? But I am disappointed that we don't seem to see the area champs as part of our top-level events any more. To be scheduled well in advance and correctly listed on the ONZ major events list. Are there any next year?

Show Profile  mcroxford Posted: 20 October 2017, 8:45 PM  
No wires crossed. Both events scheduled same weekend. South Island Champs have always been run at show weekend (Canterbury Anniversary) when PAPO host as far as I remember. The SI event has been in there since before Oceania. Disappointing to say the least.

Show Profile  NSmith Posted: 21 October 2017, 10:03 AM  
Your both kind of right. PAPO ended up with SI Champs this year after also hosting in 2016. The original plan was to do it at QBD, but that got a little lost in amongst NZSS team trials/inter-regional challenge/Super Series. There was some talk of having Canterbury Show Weekend (a Chris Forne special up at the Boyle) but I'm not sure where that's at. PAPO has traditionally hosted an event at Show Weekend though.

I don't think we're doing too badly next year. SI Champs are scheduled for late April, Wellington have Labour Weekend which will presumably be WOA Champs(?). Auckland has somehow ended up with both Nationals and QBD so can perhaps be forgiven for not scheduling an AOA Champs (and not to mention SOW 2018 in Jan!).

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 23 October 2017, 7:20 PM  
Hey guys please make allowances for those afflictions that old people get. But when you say "in there" Michael, where do you mean? I can't see the SI Champs in the ONZ calendar that usually gives detailed info. Can't see it in the ONZ major events for 2017 (tho that's clearly out of date). Can't see it on the PAPO website, perhaps the Boyle Bush Bash is "it". Should I bring boots or orienteering shoes?

Show Profile  NSmith Posted: 25 October 2017, 3:57 PM  
Michael, as I already said the intention was to have the SI Champs at the Queens Birthday event that PAPO hosted, however that did not quite end up happening. There was some talk of having it at Boyle Bush Bash instead, but to the best of my knowledge nothing has been confirmed.

Best to email the organizers, eg PAPO, to check if the Boyle event is SI Champs and confirm footwear details.

My guess would be Michael C`s `in there` comment refers to the fact that the Boyle multiday event was in the ONZ calendar since the beginning of the year. A little disappointing that both multiday events are on the same weekend, although I note this was not the case originally and may be more due to the fact there were not many opportunities for Auckland Champs to be rescheduled to.

Show Profile  Jenni Posted: 26 October 2017, 8:43 PM  
Boyle Bash is not going to be the SI champs. It will still be a fantastic event, brand new map (being finished next week by Carsten and Chris - that's how brand new) of lovely native bush. It will be more SOW style with 3 red courses, orange, yellow and white.
It is a shame that it is on the same weekend as Auckland champs - we would have come to those if it hadn't clashed with such a wonderful event (that we are controlling)

Show Profile  mcroxford Posted: 27 October 2017, 7:40 AM  
I guess that's my point. It's a multi day event on a weekend traditionally used by PAPO that was in the ONZ Events calendar since the start of the year. It's like booking the NZ Rogaine Champs the same weekend as the City Safari because the latter isn't a sanctioned event.




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