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Mapping Wiki - Any Good?

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 25 March 2017, 4:32 AM  
Last year the Mapping Committee organised the extensive mapping discussion into topics, and put it into a "Wiki" which was the tool provided by ONZ. Its at

The webmaster hasn't provided any figures on views, but we can tell there have been no contributions (posts) from outside the mapping committee.

The mapping thread on Maptalk has also been pretty quiet, but I feel that there's a lot to be gained from questions, answers and comments about this topic. Is the Wiki suitable for the purpose of encouraging such discussion? If not why not? Keep the question of the Wiki separate from your mapping questions. And please continue mapping discussion by whatever means you find convenient.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 8 April 2017, 7:29 AM  
The Mapping thread has burst back into life. I have copied recent contributions into the Wiki, under ISOM201X and Printing - General.

When I proposed the project to "compartmentalise" the nearly-1000-post Mapping Topic I envisaged that it would be in a place where the discussion takes place. Its clearly unproductive to transcribe all the time. So, your comments please as to any reasons why you don't use the Wiki directly for discussion?

But more important - don't stop discussing! That's a vital part of us all producing better maps.




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