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Rogaining Celebrates 40

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 14 October 2016, 5:05 AM  
A 24/6hr rogaine in Victoria this weekend celebrates the 40th anniversary of rogaining, which started there in 1976. There are some reflections from the pioneers at Rogaining in NZ started 15 years later in 1991, after kiwis took part in a 24hr rogaine in Alberta associated with the Asia Pacific Orienteering Carnival.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 17 October 2016, 5:44 AM  
The 24hr event was won by Andrew Baker and Jon Sutcliffe, the latter a British mapper now living in Australia. More interesting was the first mixed and mixed vet team of Ed and Helen Steenbergen, formerly of Nelson. They were 6t overall. Full results at




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