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Kiwis in Europe

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 10 May 2018, 11:16 AM  
Tommy was the only one of the kiwi 3 to get through to the middle distance final, in which he eventually finished 50th (~40th 'WOC equivalent'). Pretty good achievement for someone still just stepping up to senior elite level. Biggest news of the day is probably Marika Teini's win over Tove - she's been getting more and more consistently good results lately but wouldn't have featured on the favourites list.

Tim & Laura no doubt feeling frustrated to not qualify, but they're in good company - the seemingly innocuous courses (where height control on cross-slope legs seemed to be the main technical challenge) knocked out quite a few competitors with strong reputations - including most of the Swedish men's team (although there's rumours of illness in the Swedish camp which could be a factor)

Sprint relay today, NZ is one woman short of a team, so not sure if they're able to make an unofficial team with a spare runner or if they'll be resting up for the long race.

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 15 May 2018, 1:10 PM  
Quickly catching up on the EOC long distance race (final event of the EOC) on Sunday:
Tim 27th, Tommy 49th. Good results on what looks to have been a suitably brutal course, c low 20s and 40s World Champs equivalent. Didn't see Laura in the results, not even as a DNS, so I assume she was always planning to sit this one out.

Tim was the only one of the 3 to earn World Cup points, now sitting 27th with 38 points.

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 16 June 2018, 11:01 AM  
Jukola / Venla this weekend. Terrain looks fascinating, like a hybrid of typical Finnish and NZ sand dune. Kiwis I'm aware of (add to list if you know of others):
Venla: Lizzie, Halden 2 leg 4; Kate OK Linne 2 leg ?2; Laura Rajamaen Rykkmenti 1 leg 1
Jukola: Tim, Koovee 2 leg 1; Rick McGregor Kiruna

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 17 June 2018, 12:08 AM  
Tahi-taitama, just to put our events into perspective, how many teams/runners per team in Venla and Jukola this year?

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 17 June 2018, 8:19 PM  
Triumph and disaster for Koovee! Solid result for Rajamaen.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 19 June 2018, 3:56 PM  
Tim's FB says he dislocated his shoulder again:-(( Makes his 10th place on leg 1 rather remarkable (and risky!) No word about his team's DSQ on leg 4.

Laura 108th leg 1, team finished 40th. Lizzie and runner from Halden #1 seconds apart at start final leg, #1 team 15th #2 team 29th. Kate brought team up from 129th to 91st, final placing 64th. Rick's team 707th with Rick gaining 1 place on his leg.

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 19 June 2018, 4:11 PM  
And Alistair Landels "started leg 2 in 1362nd place and finished in place 752, thus passing 610 teams!!!!!!!!!!"

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 20 June 2018, 5:10 PM  
Impressive. Can you tell which SYO runners live in Scandinavia:-)) Question - was that map an organiser-provided one showing all the splits? If so why did Al go to several of them?

Show Profile  Jenni Posted: 22 June 2018, 10:04 AM  
Katie C-W was in a team at Venla, I heard from Jean but I haven't looked at the results at all or tried to find her.

Next week starting on Friday is the European Youth champs

New Zealand has:

W18 Jenna, Marisol, Briana and Meghan
W16 Kaia and Jessica
M18 Marina (because we could only have 4 in W18 and Marina is preparing for the longer WUOC)
M16 Will

It's going to be hot and hilly and lots of fun!

Although they aren't official, I think the NZers will still show up in the results. It will be interesting to see how Will compares to Europe's best M16s, I'm hoping well, given how dominant he is in New Zealand.

Show Profile  Jenni Posted: 30 June 2018, 2:57 AM  
A fun day racing around a medieval fort at EYOC today - see the organisers facebook page for photos

I think all the NZ youths were satisfied, some mistakes but nothing major, some "could have run faster" but it's just the start for many heading to JWOC. I think they all had very good results. It's still called the European champs but it's basically a world champs in these age groups.

Most exciting result of the day was a win for Aston Key from Australia in M18. Following up from his win in M16 two years ago in this event.

For NZers the best result was Jenna in 23rd in W18. Fantastic!

Then Kaia 40th in W16 (proud Mum has to remind everyone that she is only 13 and has two more years in this age... Proud Far pleased that she's the 2nd Dane, of 5 in her grade!) W18: Briana 44, Meghan 48, Marisol 60th W16: Jess 59th, M16: Will 57th in M16, and Marina very impressive in M18, 94th beating 16 boys plus a lot of mispunches.(She was ahead of nearly the whole Irish team - she beat 3 and was equal with the 4th!)

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 3 July 2018, 11:11 PM  
Check out overall results from the weekend's Antwerp Sprint meeting (2 sprints + 1 longer urban race) for the latest exploits of the Robertson whanau, Toby Scott and most of the male half of the JWOC team.

Also there's a photo of Maquita and Rob with rather a lot of metal hanging off their necks doing the social media rounds - perhaps someone who follows MTBO can fill in the details

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 3 July 2018, 11:13 PM  
Seriously, DO check out those Antwerp results!

Show Profile  Jenni Posted: 4 July 2018, 10:36 AM  
EYOC all wrapped up now. The long distance was a good challenge in very slippery hilly forests, with a reasonable amount of contour detail and mostly good runnability.

Once again the NZers coped really well with very good results, especially as this kind of terrain is more familiar to Europeans. Once again Jenna lead the way with a really impressive 20th place in W18, followed by Kaia with a 26th in W16 (who came in 5 minutes earlier than her parents' best-case-scenario-expected-time for her which made for an easy finish line wait!) and the rest of the team from late 30s through to 60 which is great for most of the team to be in the top half of the field.

In the relays the W16 team which included Zoe Melhuish had an unofficial top 10 place - if you're looking at the results the mixed NZ and Australian teams didn't start in their grades' actual starting time but later, for the W16 team of Zoe, Kaia, Jess this was 5 minutes after so Zoe's real time was 27 minutes comparable with most of the top country runners and she had already caught up a few teams when she finished despite the 5 minute handicap. Kaia on second leg (the order was actually Zoe, Kaia, Jess contrary to what the result say) took in a few more teams and Jess overtook some more including the Danes. (I think we have a few NZers who could replace Zoe so let's hope the girls can do the same at JWOC or better in 3 or 4 years time...) Also the all-NZ W18 team was close to a top 6 place, they also had a different order from the results, it was actually Marisol, Briana, Jenna and if Jenna had been able to have one of her usual runs, they would have also definitely been a top 10 placing, probably a podium 6th place (Jenna had a few mistakes and was also not wanting to save her legs a bit for the JWOC training this week) Being a pure NZ team they did get to start with the rest of the W18 teams and their total time is their real time.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 5 July 2018, 2:07 AM  
Marquita Gelderman was unbeaten at the World Masters MTBO Champs in Hungary, across Mass start, Sprint, Middle and Long disciplines. She was riding W50. Rob Garden in M65 placed 2nd twice, plus 3rd and 7th. From across the ditch Carolyn Jackson won all the W60 races, and Marina Iskhakova scored two 1sts and two 2nds.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 5 July 2018, 2:11 AM  
Woops Marina's 2nds were actually 3rds and she's a W40. Here's the MTBO website:

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