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Nationals Accomadation

Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 16 February 2003, 11:14 AM  
Hi everyone

I am currently trying to arrange a deal for everyone to stay together during the Nationals carnival. The Parakai camp ground has currently offerred us $10 a night per person with unlimited access to the hot pools...this gives access to a large hot pool, outside pool and hydroslide. The sponsors of the carnival (Greencoast) have also offerred several large tents that we could use to set up a virtual city within the camp ground.

Parakai is the center to all the events (within 10-35 minutes).
The campground is across the road from a pub/bistro, takeaways and a four square. There is also a New World supermarket just down the road.

We need atleast 30 for the $10 deal and if we have more people I will work on an even better could you please let me know whether or not your interested...

Independantly the camp ground is $15 (with pool access) so its important everyone lets me know so we have more bargaining power. Tell your friends and enemies.


Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 19 February 2003, 12:56 PM  
A good response so far (Just under 20). Let me know if your interested, either by email, telephone or tell everyone from maptalk.
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Show Profile  That Claire Girl Posted: 19 February 2003, 1:47 PM  
Okay Neil, I'll be the first one to reply...I'm interested...
Do you want lots of people? but are you thinking anyone and everyone? I know my family hasnt sorted thier accomodation but im not sure about inviting them to join the deal...maybe not their scene. everyone else gonna reply???

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Show Profile  stu barr Posted: 20 February 2003, 1:13 PM  
I'm in.

Although I ain't camp! But I do have just one intent...... and so on.

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Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 12 March 2003, 9:23 AM  
Just to remind you and your friends about the camping at Parakai hot springs for $10 a night.

These people should be there so it should be good.

Stuart Barrterelli
Greg Flynn
Erik Dane
Rune Dane
That Claire Girl
Claire's Dad
Claire's Brother
Pat Bodger
Kathryn Bodger
Frances Bodger
La La
Lisa Pilkington
4 x McGowans in a Campervan
Paul Dale
Natalie Lopez
Rachel Smith
Jason Markham
Penny Kane
Puketi Yeti
Ben and his pig
Rachel McKenna
Mick Finn
Brynn's Olds - Campervan
Jayne and "Olds"
Tim Mikim Big Save Furniture
A Putaruru Boy.
Bryan "Ladez Man" Stokes
AFS #1
AFS #2
Myles Thayer *5


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Show Profile  pcbrent Posted: 12 March 2003, 11:00 AM  
count me in

Show Profile  bendover Posted: 13 March 2003, 9:06 AM  
if anyone can give me a lift from wellington on or around the 15/18th of april then i would be keen to come along to the nationals aswell. any offers please e-mail me,

Show Profile  Natalie Posted: 14 March 2003, 6:17 AM  
I'd like to vote Neil off the island. :-P

Please add to your list the one, the only (well not quite, but the most important one, anyway)...... Rachel McKenna!!! Yes, thats right, she's back and she's badder than ever, and (fingers crossed) she will be at Nationals!

:-) Peace out, man

Show Profile  mf Posted: 14 March 2003, 8:35 AM  
Hey Neil
Def keen on accomodation for the 4 day carnival after the nats, ie thu-sun
Cheers, mick finn

Show Profile  Bryn Posted: 18 March 2003, 4:16 AM  
Count me in to neil


Show Profile  Bryn Posted: 23 March 2003, 2:21 PM  
my olds wanna stay there aswell they need a powered site they got a campervan or somthing
is that sweet??


Show Profile  Neil K Posted: 25 March 2003, 7:15 AM  

Yes, your parents can come and stay Brynn People staying in a campervan will also be charged $10.

Also, what night would everyone want the social function to be organised? I figured Monday night after the Relays. Allthough the traditional party night is on Sunday the prize giving/dinner is on in Auckland city that night, and with most people staying for the whole week(?) and a rest day tuesday...Monday night could be the go...

Let me know.


Edited by - Neil K on 25/03/2003 15:21:15

Show Profile  Jayne S Posted: 25 March 2003, 10:19 AM  

sorry if this is a bit late.... but is it ok for me and my olds to stay as well??


Show Profile  That Claire Girl Posted: 25 March 2003, 3:18 PM  
Hey Neil,
Just a correction...its not Those Claire Parents, but That Claire Girls Dad and lil' brother and school team member Andrew...OK?
Laters, be seeing you all soon, hope your all training hard... ;-)

Edited by - That Claire Girl on 25/03/2003 23:22:44

Show Profile  Natalie Posted: 26 March 2003, 12:27 AM  
Good thinking, Batman!!!
Monday night looks like the go for piss up night
oops sorry I mean social function.... ;-)

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 26 March 2003, 1:49 AM  
but what happens if we're sober for the relays.. they actually happen?

is it like when a tree falls in a forest and there's no one there to hear it..

..and it actually makes a noise?

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