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Coaching Scholarship Australia

Show Profile  NSmith Posted: 28 April 2016, 10:49 AM  
Austrlia looks to have had quite alot of success with their coaching scholarship program for overseas athletes (See Originally started in Canberra it's now expanding to a number of other states, including New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

The club offer $1500 towards travel, up to $1000 towards entry fees for any events whilst there and free board throughout the stay. When you look at how much the scholars are doing when in Australia it really works out as a great deal for the club! For example, in Canberra they are expected to do the following over a 6 month period:

- Assistance at 4 events helping with organising (Unpaid)

- Club Training Navigational Workshops (Unpaid)

- Sixteen Wednesday evenings 4.30 pm – 7pm. (Unpaid)
We envisage you producing training maps (eg. contour only, memory, window maps, etc.) that are available for members to use instead of their usual course. There may be 20 or so people attending each of your training sessions so you may only be able to give fairly brief instruction and answer individual’s questions briefly.

- Twelve Saturday mornings 9am -11am (Unpaid)
Moderate and Beginner workshops for 2-3 hrs

- Four Whole Sundays (Unpaid)
Advanced workshops lasting all day on a bush map one hours drive from town

And there's also opportunities to earn additional money coaching in schools or mapping.

Something to consider in New Zealand perhaps?

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 28 April 2016, 2:10 PM  
How much does the "free board" cost the club?

Show Profile  NSmith Posted: 28 April 2016, 4:37 PM  
They live with different club members throughout the stay. Think it was ACT that was doing 2-4 weeks at one place so not too onerous a commitment.

Basically free for the club then, so long as you have enough volunteers.




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