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Taupo double weekend?

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 27 September 2000, 9:34 PM  
So did anybody go to the Central Districts double OY weekend? Was the terrain and courses good?

Show Profile  mikea Posted: 30 September 2000, 1:14 PM  
Brillant !
Every so often an `O` area comes along and stands out above the rest. To me Taupo`s "99 Hills" is such ann area, its a gem. I rate it the best `O` area in NZ and any NZ orienteer who does not experience it is missing a treat. I would not hesitate travelling the three hours from Auckland to an OY or such event on this area again.
However, my suggestion to Taupo Club is to not run on this map for the next 2 years then hold the Nationals on it and if the club can't manage it, invite another association to make use of it. We need good areas for the Nationals and I would rather run on a brilliant area like this in 2 years time than on some of the rubbish farmland areas we have had to put up with in the past years. Thank you Taupo/Rotorua for a great double `O` weekend. I really enjoy it when you do this. I would however like it to be done in the warmer seasons so we can camp out in this beautiful area ie like Katoa.

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