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SuperSeries 2015

Show Profile  inghamma Posted: 4 February 2015, 11:44 AM  
Round 1 Preview

The first round of the SuperSeries at Waitangi weekend offers New Zealand orienteers their first chance to stake claims for selection in the teams for the Senior and Junior World Championships to be held in Scotland and Norway respectively later in the year. The SuperSeries, with an individual’s best 10 of 14 races to count, will be run over 5 rounds culminating at the Queen’s Birthday multiday event in Auckland.
This weekend’s three sprint distance races are part of a series of seven races organized by PAPO, starting at Ferrymead Heritage Park on Friday morning and finishing at Lincoln University on Sunday afternoon. In between separate races will take place at various locations around Banks Peninsula including on Quail Island and at Akaroa. The sprint distance looms particularly important for Kiwi athletes on the world stage with New Zealand eligible to enter 3 men and 3 women in the sprint distance in Scotland, and double that number in Norway,
In the absence of sprint specialist and junior world champion Tim Robertson (OHV) the top men’s performances are likely to come from the trio of Matt Ogden and Gene Beveridge of North West and Nick Hann of Wellington. These three were the stand-out New Zealand men at the recent World Cup races in Tasmania, with Ogden’s performance in the middle distance race there having already gained him automatic entry for the World Championships at that distance. The top junior men are harder to pick although Wellington’s Shamus Morrison and the Auckland duo of Cameron Tier and Matt Goodall should figure prominently. Local PAPO boy Ed Cory-Wright may also be one to watch.
With Lizzie Ingham overseas, it is difficult to go past Hutt Valley’s Laura Robertson in the women’s field. However, having picked up an ankle injury in Tasmania, if Robertson is not at full fitness she may be pushed to hold out PAPO's Georgia Whitla. There will also be strong interest in the performances of two more juniors, PAPO's Katie Cory-Wright and Counties’ Danielle Goodall, while North West's Lauren Holmes, top performer from the New Zealand Schools’ team, is another promising prospect.

Show Profile  inghamma Posted: 9 February 2015, 12:28 PM  
It's a bit hard to format so I haven't put it here, but the standings after the first round of the SuperSeries at Waitangi weekend are posted on the ONZ website. A brief report is....

Following the first round of the 2015 SuperSeries run as part of the Tour de Peninsula over Waitangi weekend, Matt Ogden and Laura Robertson lead the M21E and W21E fields respectively. The two Superseries races at Ferrymead and Lincoln University were both flat and fast, but run in vastly different conditions – the cold and wind at Ferrymead giving way to the sun and 27C at Lincoln two days later. Winning times in these races were all in the 12-15 minutes bracket. In contrast the rugged and rocky Diamond Harbour event was a real Chris Forne special, maximum use of the coastal rocks, tiny bush tracks and steep slopes leading to winning times in the realm of 30 minutes!

Despite missing the third race at Lincoln University due to injury, Nick Hann holds second place in the men’s field ahead of fellow Wellingtonian Shamus Morrison, with Tommy Hayes just ahead of Tane Cambridge in 4th place. However, a quirk of the the scoring system – the same as used in the World Cup which places a heavy emphasis on top 3 placings, means that when the points for the M20 field are calculated separately, Morrison is in fact only in second place in the M20 field behind Tommy and only 5 points ahead of Ed Cory-Wright!

In W21E Renee Beveridge (NW) holds 2nd place ahead of Marion Aebi (also NW), with Danielle Goodall of Counties showing her immense potential to be in 4th place ahead of WOC representatives Imogene Scott (Nelson) and PAPO’s Lara Prince. In W20 Danielle leads Kayla Fairbairn by 40 points with Katie Cory-Wright in 3rd place.

In all three races in both the men’s and women’s fields the 21′s and 20′s ran the same course. Points for the 21 grades therefore include both seniors and juniors, awarded 100-80-60-50-45-40-37-35-33-31-30-29-28….. in descending place order. Points in the 20′s grades have been calculated separately according to the same formula. Team points – McNut (are they still?) Northern, Central Magic, and Southern Storm have been calculated as the 3 top scores in each race.

Show Profile  rob.g Posted: 9 February 2015, 1:30 PM  
Sounds like a really exciting weekend, with great competition in most grades. No doubt some pretty stuffed athletes at the end of it!!
Macnut does not sponsor the northern team any more, so just Northern will do for now.

Show Profile  Tane Cambridge Posted: 12 February 2015, 3:52 AM  
Also it should be "Southerly Storm"... not Southern Storm -they were a netball team/still are?? and we are sponsored by Bivouac too so feel free to call us the Bivouac Southerly Storm




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