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AUS NZ Schools - Tasmania

Show Profile  ACW Posted: 7 January 2015, 4:05 AM  
AUS NZ Schools Relay


Update after Leg 2 of 4

Junior Girls - Jenna Tidswell 50 seconds behind after heading out with a 14 minute lead.
Junior Boys - Max Griffiths 2 mins 23 ahead after starting equal with Aus
Senior Girls - Vida Fox 1.26 down after starting 3 mins ahead
Senior Boys - Tommy Hayes 7 minutes ahead after starting equal with Aus

Show Profile  ACW Posted: 7 January 2015, 4:16 AM  
Drama at the Relay.

3 girls teams disqualified

The NZ Senior Girls and AUS Senior Girls have been disqualified.
NZ leg 1 - Lauren Holmes, and AUS leg 2 - Winnie Oakhill missed out the same control just after the spectator control.

The Aus Junior Girls team also disqualified. - Leg 2 Rachel Allen missing a control.

5 teams and 2 challenges still alive.

Show Profile  ACW Posted: 7 January 2015, 4:44 AM  
AUS NZ Schools Relay


Junior Boys winners.
Junior girls - Danielle headed out on final leg just ahead of her Australian counterpart Tara Melhuish. (though Aus are already DSQ)
Senior Boys - Ed C-W out on final leg starting with a 10 minute lead.
Senior Girls - Kayla Fairbairn out on final leg starting level with Aus. (though both teams are already DSQ)

Show Profile  ACW Posted: 7 January 2015, 5:10 AM  
AUS NZ Schools Relay

Final results

NZ Junior Boys win
NZ Junior Girls win (AUS dsq. NZ also have the satisfaction of crossing the line well ahead).
NZ Senior Girls finished first but both NZ and AUS dsq
NZ Senior Boys win.

Well done all. Individual tomorrow at Coles Bay after the World Cup. It's going to be a big day.

Show Profile  ACW Posted: 8 January 2015, 1:28 PM  
AUS NZ Schools Individual - Coles Bay Tasmania.

NZ shared the honours 2 apiece with Australia in the individual schools races. Following hard on the heels of the World Cup event, our top juniors put in some impressive performances in tricky, physical granite terrain. There were some big errors too, as the low visibility and humid conditions took their toll on several of the runners from both nations. With the 3 best times totalled in each grade, NZ won the Senior Boys and Junior Girls - Ed Cory-Wright and Danielle Goodall individual winners in these. Kayla Fairbairn won the Senior Girls title.

Combined with the Relays yesterday, the Kiwis take the overall title 5 grades to 2. Very impressive beating the Aussies on their home soil.

Next event is the Oceania Long Distance Race on Sunday, with a chance to watch the best in the World run in the World Cup Long on Saturday.




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