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High Performance Rebooted

Show Profile  inghamma Posted: 22 December 2014, 6:00 AM  
As noted by Simon in the News on the ONZ website, I have recently been appointed as High Performance Leader. One of the first tasks that I need to undertake will be the development of a plan that, over the next 2 years, will help to take our leading athletes to the next level internationally, as well as ensure that the promising juniors coming through the ranks develop into our next generation of superstars. I would also like to include veteran (i.e. over-35) orienteers in this, to ensure that in future years not only will our successes at World Masters be continued, but that we can once again, unlike this time around, field full teams in the ANZ Challenge.

To these ends I will be proposing various ideas, but I would also like to canvas suggestions from anyone else out there who has thoughts on what our goals should be and how we might achieve them. I would welcome such thoughts by email (

Firstly, however, I would like to announce that the Super Series is to be resurrected in 2015. This will take place in the February to June window which is the most appropriate time in terms of preparation for mid-year international competition. For Seniors and Juniors the proposed timetable of events is as follows.

Round 1: Tour de Peninsula (PAPO)
Fri 6 Feb Ferrymead (Sprint)
Sat 7 Feb Diamond Harbour (Sprint)
Sun 8 Feb Lincoln University (Sprint)

Round 2: JWOC Trails Weekend (WOC - Wairarapa)
Sat/Sun 21/22 Mar (Sprint/Middle/Long)

Round 3: NZOF Champs Weekend (CMOC)
Fri-Sun 3-5 Apr (Sprint/Middle/Long)

Round 4: Canterbury “Retro” Champs Weekend (PAPO)
Sat/Sun 9/10 May (Long/Long)

Round 5: Queens Birthday Weekend (NWOC)
Sat-Mon 30 May-1 Jun (Multiday/Middle/Multiday)

At this stage the intention is that either 9 or 10 events out of the 14 will count, with no more than 4 sprints being allowed in the total. There will, however, be a separate sprint title.

I am also looking at a veteran Super Series but this will necessarily need to have a different structure and be able to cope with 5 and 10 year age grades. More details will come later.

Malcolm Ingham

Show Profile  NSmith Posted: 22 December 2014, 6:41 AM  
Looks great Malcolm!

Round 4 in Canterbury includes the Canterbury Champs Long distance on the Sunday at Dalethorpe (Possibly the last use of this map before logging!) as well as another yet to be determined race type up in the high country (Probably Flock Hill)

Another option for a round would be Otago Champs on Anzac weekend 25-27 April. Good to spread the rounds out abit rather than have two in Canterbury. Also perhaps Tour de Peninsula is quite soon for people to get organised for?

Also I believe junior super series should be confined to the 20 grade, which is generally the strongest anyway as many of those going to JWOC run it and then their mates run it to try beat them!

Anyway looks good so far

Nick Smith

Show Profile  thomasr Posted: 22 December 2014, 9:34 AM  
Looks awesome! Long live the Superseries.

Over on my blog I have posted the text and diagrams from a document I wrote a while ago with some thoughts about the shape of HP and development pathways.

I've emailed you Malcolm, but I'm keen to prompt further discussion by posting it publicly, which is why I have posted the blog. NZ orienteering is on the run up and we can strengthen more than just elites if we get the development pathways right too.

Show Profile  Jane H Posted: 22 December 2014, 1:37 PM  
The model Thomas promotes is good to start discussion. There is one thing to note though, the lines between M/W16 to M/W20 are not clearcut yet - at present some skip right over it. Nick is promoting exactly this behaviour above when he advocates creating an awesome M20 grade in the Super Series that M17s want to run in. In the past I have found this type of enthusiasm creates havoc at the Queen's Birthday event. ONZ now has ANZ Schools team selection during Queens Birthday. To avoid sabotaging ONZ's efforts there could be consideration given to having an adaption of M18/M20 courses that can allow entry into Super Series AND School Selection - it may be difficult but not impossible surely.

Also, with regard to Junior development in the short term, there could be something like a Memorandum of Understanding created so that under 18 year old JWOC team members are not considered for ANZ Schools teams selection, as really these juniors have out-grown the Schools competition and moved on.

Show Profile  NSmith Posted: 22 December 2014, 2:57 PM  
I rather think that there is already an awesome 20s grade that quite a few of the 17s already run in.

At the moment it seems that people are running all over the show, 16s up to 18s, 18s up to 20 or 21e (Guilty!) and 20s up to 21e. Personally I think a more structured development pathway should be developed that provides both opportunities for those who do reach a JWOC level relatively early to advance faster but also caters to those lesser skilled juniors to keep them in the sport.

I do also agree with Jane's last point, as I know that the seniors who would benefit most from the trip may not get to go due to JWOC members who are still at school. However I realise there is the equally valid thought that we should be sending our best available schools team to Australia.

Also in the recent Australian high performance news there was reference to the Aus-NZ test next year with both Senior and Junior Bush-rangers. Could the Junior Pinestars be the next stepping stone for those post school?

Show Profile  thomasr Posted: 23 December 2014, 4:23 AM  
I too agree regarding JWOC and NZ Schools selection. Schools is about development, if you have already made the cut for JWOC, someone else could better benefit from the schools experience. We have the depth to do it too.

Age grade wise, the faster juniors who run up should be the exception not the rule. Development pathway again is key. Keeing m/w18's in their grade, and putting the junior superseries at this level, creates a strong link for school leavers too, a time when we lose many runners. If people are shooting for top JWOC performances, then they have bigger fish to fry than the Junior Superseries and their focus should shift accordingly.




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