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Post D-Squad Camp

Show Profile  GeneO Posted: 16 December 2014, 10:42 AM  
Hi everyone. I had a great experience coaching the D Squad at the recent camp but I won't be taking up the official role as coach as I am over committed and want to be more focused on my own training.

However, I have a number of initiatives I want to get started and will be trying some things out in Auckland over summer and into next year. This will be a second step upon the great work AOC and NWOC did together this year. Swedish coach HÃ¥kan Carlsson has also shed a lot of inspiration in the past few weeks and I would like to capitalise on this asap.

I would really like to hear from those responsible/involved in coaching in other areas of NZ so that I can get some feedback and an idea of where others are heading.




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