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Orienteering in December?

Show Profile  terofohr Posted: 7 November 2014, 12:23 PM  
Hello Kiwis!

Finally I'm coming back to NZ, during first snowstorm in Finland it really feels like great idea (you can ask Ross for more). Unfortunately wcup in Tasmania restrict time for my stay so only north island this time. We've small group of Finns, searching for good o-trainings between 16th to 30th of December. Now it is time to make plans how to go around and good advises are welcome. Events calendar looks empty but could there be club trainings on good terrains or some preparation of team NZ for the Tassie races?

Tero Föhr
(w Tuomas Kari and Jere Pajunen)

Show Profile  terofohr Posted: 19 November 2014, 10:38 PM  
So out master plan looks like:
16.-20.12. Pauanui
20.-21.12. Rotorua
21.-23.12. Tongariro
24.-26.12. Hawke's Bay
26.-30.12. north of Auckland

We would really like to do some O-trainings during our trip so let us know via terofohr() (or Ross) if you've O-trainings on our way. Woodhill preparation for the world cup during 26.-30.12. would be perfect...




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