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Vic MTBO Champs

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 31 October 2014, 6:52 PM  
Also starting tomorrow the Victorian MTBO Champs. Kiwis are regular participants across the Tasman but attendance this year has been split between the Oz Champs at Alice Springs earlier in the year, and this, easier to get to, series of sprint, ultra, middle and long. 10 NZers.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 1 November 2014, 10:42 PM  
Wins in the sprint to Marquita Gelderman (W Open), Deb Bain (W50) and Nick Collins (M60).

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 10 November 2014, 7:37 AM  
The middle and long were near historic Beechworth at the weekend, the middle at "El Dorado" where there's an old gold dredge still sitting in a pool of water. Wins both days to Marquita (W Open), Deb (W50), Yett Gelderman (W70) and Rob Garden (M50).




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