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The Ogden Intensive Training Period

Show Profile  theoman Posted: 25 September 2014, 8:51 AM  
I will be returning to NZ on the 9th of December, after which I will be in NZ (and a short time Australia) until the end of February. My goal during the period is simple, to optimise the training, largely in terms of the physical, but also to experience NZ's best maps again.

My commitments are few, but I will be spending some time in the BOP completing some mapping work. I am currently in the process of planning what I want to do in these months, but I would like to train with anyone who is interested in 'taking it to the next level'.
I want to split my time between the North and South Islands, to experience more of the beautiful landscapes that we have in NZ.

If you know or would be prepared to host me at some point, then write to me either by facebook or at It will be nice to secure some places to stay, for a few days each time, so that I could perhaps construct my training trip with that in mind. If there are some clubs also that would like some presentations or trainings organised by a Kiwi turning into a Swede, then please feel free to contact me.

It is soon time for the 'winter training' to begin.




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