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Southern Six Day 2004

Show Profile  ecurb Posted: 24 December 2002, 9:28 AM  

The Southern Six day in January 2004 is not a rumour it is true! Book your holidays now

Sat 3rd – Naseby – forested (Corsican pine, Radiata pine, Larch, Douglas fir) gold mining terrain with intricate eroded sandstone features
Sun 4th – more of the same
Tue 6th – Mt Ross score event – schist rock, schist rock, keep on rocking!
Thur 8th – Cuttance – gully spur radiata pine forest with a few patches of native bush
Sat 10th – Waikaia – gully spur native beech forest with low viz. One of NZ’s most technical maps
Sun 11th – Overton – Gully spur eucalypt forest with small blocks of mature pine and Douglas fir

More information will be available soon. Visit our web site late in January to see photos of the different areas.

Show Profile  lapun Posted: 9 January 2003, 10:15 AM  
Is this APOC?

Show Profile  Alistair Posted: 9 January 2003, 10:44 AM  
No, Apoc in 2004 is in Kazakhstan and then 2006 in Hong Kong.

For 2004: or if you can't read cyrillic:




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