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Show Profile  lyns Posted: 1 August 2014, 6:10 PM  
I bought a pair of Roclites from Inov8 last year - worn them I estimated up to about 25 times in 10 months and one shoe has broken in the heel cup, with the sharp broken edge cutting through the lining and doing painful things to the back of my foot at an OY. The company says that's all the wear I can expect. Seems a bit disappointing - I am only doing slow W50 pace and 3-6km courses so not too hardcore. I like the shoes otherwise but what is a realistic life?

Show Profile  ML Posted: 1 August 2014, 9:03 PM  
They should last longer than that! Thats only a months training and racing if you were running everyday(ish). Unfortunately my experience with that brand of shoe was the same as yours - disappointing. Maybe you should mention the consumer guarantees act about the product being suitable for the purpose.....




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