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Save Maptalk

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 21 June 2014, 9:37 AM  
I am struggling to get inspired by the new Orienteering New Zealand website.

Save Maptalk. 16 years old and looking good.

Show Profile  jayjay Posted: 21 June 2014, 1:48 PM  
Please as its so familiar now! always easy to find/ searching and it stays fresh with every entry..

Show Profile  The Map Guy Posted: 21 June 2014, 6:36 PM  
Yeah, I am a fan of Maptalk too. Loads instantly.

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 22 June 2014, 6:09 AM  
Can't comment on the NZO website as have yet to have reason to go there... But regardless of how good it is at what it does there will surely always be a place for Maptalk as an independent discussion site.




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