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Hann/Smith High Performance Camp

Show Profile  NSmith Posted: 10 June 2014, 11:26 AM  
Hann/Smith High Performance Camp

Hi everyone
We are thinking about possibly having a high performance camp December 7-12th this year, starting at Tongariro National Park, moving onto the coastal sand-dune maps (Osgiliath, Waikawa etc.) and then finishing up in Wellington just before Junior Camp starts. At the moment we have just got a basic idea of the format and places to stay so were are interested in seeing how many people may be keen, before working out the exact details (accommodation, access to maps etc.)

The week of pain…
Sat 6th - The Goat Run. Both of us are pretty keen to do this so if anyone else wanted to join they are welcome.
Sun 7th - Camp starts with a 5 km time trial or uphill equivalent! Hopefully for this first part we could arrange staying at a ski lodge up at Iwikau Village.
Mon 8th - Training at Tongariro; missioning up Ngauruhoe or similar.
Tues 9th - Training at Tongariro in the morning, then drive down to the Kapiti coast. Accomodation for here is undecided at this stage, any recommendations welcome.
Weds 10th – Training, possibly Osgiliath.
Thurs 11th – Training, possibly Fusilier.
Fri 12th – Morning training at Waikawa, In the afternoon drive to Wellington.

Maybe over the weekend of the 13th – 14th there could be a sprint trainings around Wellington before Junior Camp starts. If anyone else has any other ideas or comments please add them. If you are interested in coming please comment as well, no obligation to actually do it! Probably restricted to those born 1997 or earlier and aiming for the JWOC/ World Cup kind of level. If you are an adult who wants to come and could possibly drive a van please message us. Lastly, based on some quick initial research, the cost would probably be around $250-300 which I think is about the same as last year’s camp.

Thanks, Nick Boss Hann and Nick ‘not quite so boss’ Smith




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