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TONIC2014 Starts Today

Show Profile  theoman Posted: 28 March 2014, 2:32 AM  
First race of TONIC today, starting at 5:30pm.

Results will be available at shortly after the event.

Show Profile  mcroxford Posted: 28 March 2014, 2:41 PM

Such intense racing in the M20E race. 2 to 5 within 4 seconds!!! Callum Herries, Matthew Goodall, Devon Beckman then Cameron Tier. Callum and Matthew both almost losing it between controls 15 and 17. Tim Robertson comfortably out front in his specialty race.

An early favourite Kayla Fairbairn with a missed punch when she was coming in second. Last weeks racing in Canterbury has been good for Sonia Hollands winning by only 2 seconds from Danielle Goodall. Alice Tilley completing the top three with some early jitters between controls 1 to 4. Well done!!!

And a great win for Laura Robertson ahead of Greta Knarston and Imogene Scott in the Womens Elites. Looks as though there was some fast racing.

Jourdan Harvey showing some great form in M21E carrying over from Sprint the Bays. And interesting that Jourdan was the only elite to beat 2 to 5 in the JWOC trial.

A closer inspection of the map and I'm impressed by Mike Beveridge's map. Well done to the team of Gene Beveridge and Allan Janes too. Bodes well for tomorrow.

Tomorrow's racing moves to the new map in Riverhead. Matt Ogden planning and Greg Flynn Controlling. Should be sublime. I think tomorrow should see some interesting races and for an armchair critic like myself it will be these next races which will give the best indication of those putting their hands up for JWOC. Best of luck all. Remember smooth running.




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