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Southern Traverse

Show Profile  Melissa Posted: 18 November 2002, 7:34 AM  
Check out the Southern Traverse website Link
Phil's team is Team 31 - Vision Senior Living
Any other orienteers in there this year?

Show Profile  addison Posted: 18 November 2002, 5:08 PM  
I think Ray Pratt is....

Show Profile  stu barr Posted: 18 November 2002, 5:11 PM  
Is this site working for anyone else? I can't get to the live coverage!!!

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 18 November 2002, 8:00 PM  
The site went down this morning due to so many people visiting it and it looks like it has happened again this evening. Late this afternoon was leading with another 4 teams including close behind. Phil's team was about 14th.

Show Profile  Paul G Posted: 19 November 2002, 9:30 PM  
Peter King is in Heinz Wattie's
Anne and Phil have been doing a lot of O training in Auckland over the past year, and are running in Blue Duck

Show Profile  Andrew M Posted: 23 November 2002, 6:18 PM  
How about that 14hr plus bike ride !! taking pain to a new level.

Well done Phil, awesome result !




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