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Thanks for all the contributions

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 12 November 2002, 2:23 PM  
Hello everybody,

Thanks for all the contributions I have received over the last while. They seem to be gradually increasing and keeping me busy! The readership is also gradually increasing with a record last week of 1200 visitors.

I will be working on updating and improving the discussion forum soon so if you have any suggestions for improvements then let me know either here or email me direct at

Show Profile  Malcolm Posted: 18 December 2002, 7:44 AM  
It would be nice if there was not so much swearing in "the lounge" for those of us with sensitive eyes. Perhaps you could add an adult filter (but not one that takes away porn).

To improve the interface, the most recent postings should go at the top of the page, not the bottom. I am getting terrible OOS in my scrolling finger.

Remember - The only intuitive interface is the nipple, after that it's all learned.

Spare a thought for slugs, they have all the disadvantages of being a snail without the benefit of home ownership


Yes - That's right, I'm back and I'm better than ever!

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 18 December 2002, 1:05 PM  
Malcolm where the *^$% is my sleeping bag!! Now that your back from going to the Rob C smoke shop do you think you could give back. Plus you still owe Mum money!!!!

Show Profile  Malcolm Posted: 19 December 2002, 1:17 AM  
I think you'll find that if I waive the storage fee on the sleeping bag, and you pay your mother, everything will be square (with the slightest of rounded corners)

Show Profile  Alistair Posted: 10 January 2003, 12:35 PM  
Fraser, apart from reversing the reading order in the forums the only other thing I can think of at the moment is to increase the font size in this window that I'm typing into now - just a little....

Maybe also a flatter structure - do we really need the 4 groups (Gen, Tech, Events, Lounge) ?

Show Profile  MASH Posted: 12 January 2003, 2:25 AM  
Enjoy your site, thanks.
One request !!!!!
Please, please, please change the home page photo, it doesnt enhance the sport or the site ;-)
A picture of a Jafa would be better :-)

Spring, Summer, Autumn "O" yeah !

Edited by - MASH on 14/01/2003 17:34:39

Show Profile  darren Posted: 14 January 2003, 2:29 PM  
I agree, It is a pretty bloody scary photo!!

Show Profile  mark Posted: 15 January 2003, 3:41 AM  
bullshit, it's a good photo

Show Profile  runningbeast Posted: 15 January 2003, 5:07 AM  
As the photographer of the image at question, I was trying to catch the subjects inner doubt. He was running in the beautiful Waitakere ranges in the North Island yet you can see that he is torn between this great place and his home in the South Island.

I have since learnt that this image may be the last of the subject seen in the North Island....and therefore the image is rare piece.

Signed the Photographer

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 15 January 2003, 9:21 AM  
And here he is looking slightly happier Link

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 15 January 2003, 12:27 PM  
fortunately there will be plenty more photo opportunities around the north island for the next month

don't be a dick, make it click

Show Profile  MAMBO339 Posted: 25 January 2003, 12:49 PM  
hey great site
one thing.....
the links to club sites needs updating

Show Profile  ACW Posted: 27 January 2003, 6:49 AM  
Much improved photo. Great choice.

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 31 January 2003, 7:50 AM  
Thanks for all the feedback that you have posted here or emailed me to date. The forum is still "under development" so any comments are still welcome.

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 15 April 2003, 2:20 AM  
right thats it idiot.

I'm going to spend my easter hunting you down and when I get you I'm going to polish the top of my head with your face.

so whoever you are watch out. Any ideas of this idiots true identity may be passed to the big angry looking guy at the warm up event

we need more of an outlet for aggression in orienteering and you idiot are the designated "it"

Nationals will be great

Show Profile  HeadHoncho Posted: 15 April 2003, 3:44 AM  
I always thought the idiot was Neil

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