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Counties Manukau 40 Year Celebration

Show Profile  cmevents Posted: 9 October 2013, 6:27 PM  
Counties Manukau are celebrating 40 years on Sunday 24 Nov in Waiuku; starts 2pm, BBQ at 5pm.

All invited, please RSVP by 8 Nov

If you have any old memorabilia (orienteering photos, articles, maps) that we could include please email to unnilewis [at] or bring them to display on the day

Show Profile  Bryan Posted: 11 October 2013, 7:54 AM  
I've just emailed Unni some old scanned photos (early 1980's) - including one of the famous SAOC caravan and Geoff Pilbrow.

These photos my brother left behind when he went overseas - he used them for a national magazine. On the back of the photos are some details which I've included in a Word document
Photo 5: Wayne Aspin- Wayne badly sprained his ankle but managed to carry Brighouse and Garden to M21A victory in National Relays 83.
Photo 10: Cathy Hatwell (now Newman) - Woodhill Forest - Auckland Relays 1983 - Winning team with Phyl Snedden and Tricia Aspin. Keith Stone, course planner. A wet day.
Photo 11: Trish Aspin - 2nd at WMOC

I also have some old SAOC and CMOC maps scanned as Statistician which I can send if you want.




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