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Swedish orienteer wishes to go to New Zealand

Show Profile  Josefine Posted: 4 October 2013, 8:15 PM  

My name is Josefine and Im a 19 year old swedish orienteer. Im very fascinated by New Zealand and I would really love to go there.

Does anyone have a need or maybe know someone who needs an au-pair for a couple of months? Or maybe you know some other kind of job that could include living and food, maybe your orienteering-club needs help of some kind? Im hard working and ambitious with a great sense of humour (in my opinion at least). Im available from November to March.

If you who reads this can help me in any way, I would be very happy. You can contact me at my mail:

Of course you can ask more questions as well, Im looking forward to here from you! :

/Josefine Klintberg




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