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Pan Pacific Sub-Junior Orienteering Challenge

Show Profile  davidp Posted: 4 August 2013, 7:35 AM  
Pan Pacific Sub-Junior Orienteering Challenge
Part of the 2013 Australian Orienteering Championships

The Pan Pacific (Sub) Junior Orienteering Challenge will create a friendly collaborative junior competition that facilitates networking of juniors at the 2013 Australian Championship Carnival.

The Challenge (ie the competition) is embedded into the Australian Championships and will take place through an organised team based scoring system. The Challenge will run over the first two days of the Australian Championships Carnival: Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th September 2013.

It will enable those who would otherwise be attending and competing entirely in a solo capacity to have an overlaying team competition in place. It also means those in the junior age groups who have not been selected in their respective States/territories teams have the opportunity for some group competition.

The Challenge includes all boy and girl entrants of the Carnival in the 14 years and under A and B categories. That is all entrants 1999 birth year and above who are orienteering independently.

The team based competition is based on States/Territories/jurisdictions and/or a combination depending on the number of attendees from each jurisdiction. Jurisdictions could include New Zealand and New Caledonia junior participants. There is no need for any junior entrant to enter or run in additional races. To be part of this challenge simply compete the entry form as usual. There may be an additional field to complete to indicate the state/country that you are representing.

Teams will be organised based on entry numbers, with the final team combinations determined once entries have closed. It is hoped that 7 teams will be formed. It is anticipated that Qld, NSW, ACT, Vic and Tas would have sufficient numbers to create a team. The remaining jurisdictions will be combined to form additional one or two teams depending on numbers. Or smaller jurisdictions will be included with the larger states resulting in 5 teams - with visiting members.

To enter this Challenge all prospective entrants will enter as normal.
Once numbers are determined, teams will be posted on the web and at the event info stand.

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