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Sportident SI11 use

Show Profile  PhillipH Posted: 23 May 2013, 7:26 AM  
Just to note ( probably for course setters ) that SI11's definitely wont punch twice within 5 secs and if they get inserted into the second control before the 5 secs is up they have to be removed and then reinserted to record the punch. While controls have to be very close for this to happen, as an example, the final control at the nationals sprint has some splits of 5 seconds or less.

Show Profile  Jymbo Posted: 23 May 2013, 11:29 AM  
Phil, is it the same with SI 10, or just 11

Show Profile  PhillipH Posted: 23 May 2013, 12:53 PM  
Just the 11 because of its flashing indicator. The 10's fine.

Show Profile  SteveO Posted: 24 May 2013, 1:46 AM  
The five second rule seems to apply with most (but possibly not all?) clear and check stations as well - i.e. you need to wait five seconds after clearing before checking. The first time it happened to me I was convinced my brand new card had malfunctioned.

I was 8 seconds on the finish sprint at the Nationals, Jonty did 6 seconds; both with SI11 cards.

The idea of the flashing light giving reassurance that you have punched correctly is great. However, I have yet to train myself to glance at it after punching so it is reassurance I am yet to feel.

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 24 May 2013, 2:17 AM  
Wow, SI cards come with flashing indicators now? That should cut down significantly on the number of collisions in orienteering if they become commonplace. Mind you the way I've been orienteering lately I think I'll wait until they also have brake- and reversing-lights before I upgrade.

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 24 May 2013, 2:55 AM  
The card will only not register while it is flashing.

The number of flashes and the pulse duration can be changed by using the software SI-Config, version 2.27.

Show Profile  magnus Posted: 24 May 2013, 4:07 AM  
Greg, didn't know you were into card pimping, nice!

Show Profile  magnus Posted: 24 May 2013, 4:10 AM  
Actually, what is the maximum time allow to be set? Do we need to tell everyone not to exceed X number of seconds?

I guess if you make it more than 5 is is your own problem really...




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